Garm Wars: The Last Druid


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 1058


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Kevin Durand as Skellig
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VickyC 8 / 10

Great Soundtrack/Movie needs repeated viewing to grasp

I saw this movie the first time by accident while surfing through channels and thought it was a horrible, disjointed mess. However I was intrigued by the music. Great soundtrack, like nothing I had ever heard before. Was searching for information on the music and started reading about the movie plot and the symbolism involved so I decided to re-watch the film with that perspective. The movie was very good but felt I missed a few things. On my third viewing I purchased it because I liked it so much. Kevin Durand was excellent! The chemistry between his character, Skellig, and Khara was really good as well. I would love to purchase the soundtrack but unfortunately it is unavailable at this time. Give this film a is truly unique. I wish they would make a sequel.

Reviewed by mariobarton 8 / 10

You Start To Get It After Your Third Time Seeing It

Plot: 7/10 The beginning of the movie shoves you right into the action and you get a crash course in who the players are in the movie. So you're not really sure who the good or bad guy is. I think this was deliberate. The end is unsatisfying which is the perfect set up for a sequel.

Cast: 8/10 The movie is well cast, Kevin Durand and Melanie St. Pierre are exactly who you want to see in these roles. Lance Henriksen anchors the group well and Holly the dog is an unexpected treat.

Visuals: 9/10 Well it's beautiful to look at. The uniforms, the hair, the machines, the back drop, the ships and oh yeah the guns. The action scenes are very satisfying and it's a total fantasy land for your inner nerd. This movie reveals itself over time, so you have to watch it a few times before things start to make more sense.

Reviewed by shuneikaede 3 / 10

Pointless movie

Well just another boring movie with nonsense dialogues. Let put you in the middle of something? some war? somewhere? and then bore you out with some dudes sitting there blabbering a bunch of names you have no idea what they are over and over... wait.. let add another wise dude carrying his nonsense talk out with MORE NAMES, switching between the two talking scenes and make it more complicated until you give up understanding and just beg it to go away already.

Visual is beautiful with lot of memorial CGI scenes. But if you have no idea what this movies story about beforehand than it's sucks. You will be left with a lot of unanswered questions between a sea of race-names of people looks exactly the same you kinda give up to remember, the movie frees you some memory by leave it with the pointless ending. (Or did it have an ending but the philosophy-movie buried it's so deep nobody can dig it out?)

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