Garfield's Pet Force


Action / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 629


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Jason Marsden as Nermal / Abnermal
Frank Welker as Garfield / Garzooka / Monster / Narrator / Spike Guard / Kung Fu Guard / Dog / Lawyer / Keith / Computer Voice
Fred Tatasciore as Billy / Horned Guard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RickIsEnough 1 / 10

Only for... the very young, and not in heart but mind

A little context: I, 22 year old, go to movies all the time with both my parents. There's few movies I can't get anything good out of, so I enjoy watching most. Even more so knowing my parents are happy in my company.

My feelings: Going in the theater with a cheery attitude for this 3D Computer Generated movie, from the moment it started I hoped for it to get better than the awkwardly innocent silliness that kept accumulating in both the movie play and in my unprepared mind. I felt so dumb for letting my parents decide to see this rather than the other option (my would-be 3rd viewing of Thor), and also for having the trailer -shown to me some months earlier- purposely forgotten.

My review: The plot summary is true, so I don't need to tell you anything more about it. What one could -wrongly- expect is that the way the plot unravels or is presented has some quality that redeems it for being merely a kid's movie cashing on the Garfield license. However this pic has nothing special going for it, just the dumb by-the- numbers approach. Sure, they put some effort into making it, they made a single slightly amusing scene with jumping out 3D stuff, whatever. By all that's good, this pic isn't worth the time spent on any part of the movie process, not the producing, not the animating,{...}, and very specially not experiencing it. There are a ton of better things a child could (and should) be doing, and you would be a bad parent if you force this upon your child.

Closing: Me and my parents? Why, we endured the whole of it thinking maybe each other would feel offended if any of us walked out and kept hoping it would get any better at any time soon; in retrospective we were a bunch of good-meaning fools. Except my dad who mercifully fell asleep.

Reviewed by ljaisswar 10 / 10

Finally a superhero Garfield movie

Out of all the 3D animation movies of Garfield, I think this is my favorite movie of them all.

When I was younger I was a massive fan of Superhero shows and I also loved the Garfield show so when this movie aired on Boomerang it was a dream come true for me to watch this movie.

This movie does show you about superheroes and what responsibility it takes to be one other than wearing capes and tights.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 3 / 10

Garfield was never that good

Everyone was disappointed when the live-action Garfield movies came out. Well, 90% of people are disappointed whenever any live-action adaptation comes out. Anyway, it seems like it would be much more suitable to make actual cartoon movies with Garfield. We got our wish with this film and a couple others. A pity some people view this as even worse. Looking back, I used to love "Garfield" when I was a kid. It's weird, because now I just don't associate with it at all anymore. I guess you could say I just outgrew it, but it's more than that. I can look back at stuff like "Peanuts" or "Sesame Street" and be impressed at how it holds up as an adult.

Garfield just comes off as boring to me nowadays. So the fact that this film was lacking in laughs in every way imaginable made it seem like a pretty faithful adaptation. Most of this story is dumb. There's a couple good moments, but it's mostly spoiled by terrible CGI. These characters are just plain ugly to look at. The biggest saving grace is Frank Welker as superhero Garfield. He reuses the Nibbler voice from "Futurama". It is so much fun to listen to him! This film just isn't funny and it makes little sense within the world it creates. If you're still into Garfield, good for you, but I just want to avoid it. *1/2

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