Garden of Love


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Haake 2 / 10

Utter Crap

So, I ignored my better sense and watched this disaster of a film. It's not funny, and even the gore is ridiculous and shot so poorly you can't even enjoy that aspect.

The acting is funny, it's horrific and not in a good way. I used to think freddy got fingered was the worst movie ever made - then I watched this. If I had't been on a plane with nothing better to do I would have stopped watching after the first 5 minutes. But I watched it to the end, and no it doesn't get any better.

The story is stupid, the direction is pathetic, there are 6 year olds that act better than any of the "actors" in this movie, and the script is literally so dumb I was wondering if there is a country somewhere where people actually talk like the actors in this film.

It's bad - really bad - like so bad I would rather have been cleaning toilets than watching this movie. Ignore the good reviews, it's crap - I only gave it 2 stars for the "plot twist" at the end and even that was cliché.

Reviewed by FilmFatale 5 / 10

Nothing jumps to conclusions faster than a vengeful ghost.

In 1990, all of the residents of the Verlaine Farm commune were brutally murdered with cleaver and a kitchen knife in the night except for young Rebecca, who survives in spite of also being attacked. Rebecca spends two years in a coma before being released into the custody of her relatives and seems to grow up relatively unscathed. After reaching college age, Rebecca starts seeing visions of disfigured corpses and begins to investigate the massacre. As she learns more about her past, she finds that the vengeful ghosts of her father and the other commune members are the least of her worries.

I'll be honest here: I wasn't holding out much hope for this one simply because it was an Olaf Ittenbach film and I only knew him for flicks like Premutos. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this isn't a bad little movie. The acting is passable, the story moves along well enough, and the gore (of course) is over the top but fun and well-done. Of course there are problems, like too many plot conveniences and a couple of overly long "This is the exposition part of the movie" monologues, but I didn't have a bad time with Garden of Love.

Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 4 / 10

The ghosts of a commune want to rest in peace.

Also known as THE HAUNTING OF REBECCA VERLAINE, this horror flick is a German project written and directed by Olaf Ittenbach. On Christmas Eve, the commune of pop star Gabriel Verlaine(Bela Felsenheimer)is slaughtered, leaving one survivor. That lone survivor is Gabriel's daughter Rebecca(Natacza Boon), who wakes from a long coma to be haunted by an evil murderous spirit. This very low budget chiller gets quite gory. Rebecca is instructed to find who was responsible for the brutal murders wiping out the commune to enable the tortured souls a peaceful rest.

Flesh ripping, eye popping splatter and gore. Don't expect any decent acting; but hold on for some chilling and horrible images. If you like horror movies that pile gore on top of disgusting bloody gore...this mess will not disappoint. The cast includes: Daryl Jackson, Donald Stewart, James Matthews-Pyecka and Alexandra Thom-Heinrich.

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