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Gerard Butler as Kable
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Davis P 6 / 10

What you would expect

There is no surprises in the 2009 movie Gamer. The action sequences and many of the scenes are pretty stereotypical for this type of movie and it's exactly what you would expect, but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. The film begins with a big video game style military like action sequence where a bunch of soldiers are trying to kill one another. Now there are some jerky camera movements and some of the filming is a little bit hard to follow at the beginning, but I excuse it because it's meant to be that way, since it's a game. Gerard Butler is good in his role, he was dramatic at times and then he was just the stereotypical action hero at other times. I also really liked Kyra Sedgwick in her role, she didn't really have a huge role, but I thought she fit. Logan Lerman is here, and he was OK I guess, nothing all that special, he's the teenage boy who games, and has all he could ever hope for or desire (including nude girls). That is one thing that I want to talk about, is if you are uncomfortable with occasional nudity or sex, then this is not the movie for you, because one of the games is very sexually charged and that's basically all it's about. I didn't really care to see as much nudity as was in the film, I don't mind brief nudity or a couple scenes that feature it, but I thought that they overloaded it a bit. I thought that the plot was interesting enough to keep your attention, although not the most original in the world. And this might not seem like much of a complaint to some people, but I did not care for Logan Lerman's miss use of the word gay. He uses it as an insult/derogatory term, like a stereotypical straight teenage guy, no need for that, it's insulting. Anyways back to the review. The action is all right, there definitely have been better action films and there will be better in the future. Overall I give gamer a 6/10.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

A film where the violence is extreme and the women are sex objects

Imagine a version of THE RUNNING MAN, updated to the 21st century, and cross it with the popularity of modern-day video games (mainly Second Life and Call of Duty) and you have GAMER, an action film just as cheesy as the Schwarzenegger "epic". GAMER is the latest hyperventilation from the directing duo who brought us the two CRANK films, and its similarly outlandish, with a no-holds-barred approach to sex and violence. Sad to say, it's also pretty awful, one of those films which is going to date quickly and which has a dull-witted script keen to go through the usual clichés and gross-out moments.

From the beginning, your mind is assailed by all manner of outrageousness: stripping teenagers, sexual scenarios, bloody 'gib' hits in a video shooter played in 'real life'; all depicted via a frenetic medium that never stays on a single shot longer than a second and which makes for headache-inducing viewing in all but the most casual viewer. Yes, this is another of those films squarely aimed at the teenage male market, and even though I'm not 30 yet, I had the distinct impression that I was "too old for this".

High art it ain't: the dialogue is extremely lowbrow, the on-screen action frequently ludicrous. Gerard Butler seems to accept any old film that comes his way, and GAMER is another in a strong of disappointments for the Scottish star. He grunts and frowns his way through a one-dimensional character arc and the best you can say about him is that he's fairly believable. The supporting cast is made up of tired stereotypes: Michael C. Hall is the worst thing here as the utterly irritating 'nerd' super-villain, and Kyra Sedgwick (Kevin Bacon's squeeze) fairly appalling as a TV journalist. Logan Lerman, so good in 3:10 TO YUMA, is distinctly bland, and Ludicrous leads a band of utterly clichéd hacker geeks. The genuinely interesting actors, John Leguizamo and Keith David, are tucked away in nothing roles. The only character of distinction is Terry Crews' hulking brute of a villain, a man whose body mass rivals that of Aussie wrestler Nathan Jones, but apart from a single menacing scene, he's also wasted. Worst of all is the script's attitude to women, who are treated as victims (dying quickly and brutally) or as sex objects. Amber Valletta (TRANSPORTER 2) has a particularly demeaning role, forced to bend about in her underwater for endlessly repulsive scenes.

So, apart from crude sex references and a predictable script, what are we left with? A handful of action sequences is the answer, and these would be good – if it wasn't for the dumb editing. The whole 'fight for your life' theme was done better in the DEATH RACE remake with Jason Statham, but there are some mildly entertaining moments here too, mostly involving Butler blowing away countless enemies and breaking one particularly loathsome character's back over his knee. The extended climax offers some one-vs-many fun too, even if the homage to WARRIOR KING is a little too obvious for my liking.

Reviewed by Nicole Marie 9 / 10

Great Visual Representation of What it is Like to Be a Gamer

The world of gaming has been growing for years and years, and will continue to grow as long as new and exciting games are being produced. The film Gamer (2009) represents one possible outcome for the gaming community in the not-so-distant future using a beautiful combination of several unique characteristics: presentation being key. It is common knowledge that when the year 2000 came around, widespread panic ensued because it was thought technology would begin destroying the planet in some horrible fashion only SkyTech would be able to commence- a ridiculous notion to those alive today. Gamer not only elaborates on the fear of technology, it also presents several reasons for technology to be feared. The film is shot in a sporadic way, offering scenes of nothing but plot twists and action, which is very similar to how video games are presented. In a video game, the characters get right to the point of what they're saying, and the plot builds from hardly any background information at all, just like this film. The motion capture in a game is also very rough and meant to really place you at the scene, and the filmography also attempts at presenting this connection. The film Gamer wasn't an outstanding movie, but it was, however, a wonderful presentation of the gaming community and a great way to express what it is like to be a gamer to the non-gaming personnel.

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