Game of Death


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
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Bruce Lee as Billy Lo
Chuck Norris as Fighter
Colleen Camp as Ann Morris
Dean Jagger as Dr. Land
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexanderdavies-99382 8 / 10

1 for the 1978 travesty, 10 for the footage Bruce Lee shot.

"Game of Death" was a film that Bruce Lee failed to complete on account of halting production so he could make "Enter the Dragon." After the tragic passing of the martial artist in 1973, his unfinished movie was eventually released in 1978. For the fans, it was to be a final glimpse of their idol after Bruce Lee had revolutionised both the Hong Kong film industry and Martial Arts in general. This travesty for a film is in such poor taste, it being exploitive and an insult to Bruce Lee and everything he stood for. Why Robert Clouse wanted to become involved is anyone's guess! The so-called plot is exploitation personified and bears no resemblance whatever to Lee's concept for his own version. The lookalikes for Bruce Lee aren't very good at all but at least they look as though they can fight quote well. A seasoned character actor like Dean Jagger should have turned this film down. Begrudgingly, there are a couple of fight scenes that are digestible but not much else to enjoy. Sammo Hung has a pretty good fight with Bob Wall. Then and almost out of nowhere, the man himself makes a late appearance in the film's plot and we suddenly whiz back in time to the latter half of 1972 when Bruce Lee was working on "Game of Death." His three fight scenes are excellent as always and this is the first time that a one on one nunchuku scene had been put on film. Lee is on screen for 11 minutes but it is by far the best footage by many miles. The footage looks a lot more cinematic and professional than Bruce Lee's first two movies and it is a considerable loss that he couldn't complete the film.

Reviewed by Elham 1 / 10

This movie is a disgrace to Bruce Lee's honor

I'm 24 years old and I watched Bruce Lee movies when I was even 4 years old. This movie Game of Death was usually Bruce's own movie including script, choreo, main role and production. I hate Hollywood for ruining the Game of Death ideology. Bruce's ideology of this movie was to fight against the best martial artist around the world independent of height, weight, culture and and and. The script was good y'all should google it. I'm glad they saved and dropped rare footage material around 45 minutes including the full fight against Kareem Abdul Jabar ( that's not even everything at all just search for the real Game of Death Movie, so let's get back to this disaster movie ) . Robert Clouse reluctance quality was responsible for that flop. I don't insult dead people so I hold myself back, but honestly he totally destroyed the movie. The storyline, the embarrassing double and fight scenes are terrible. The most awkward points was the camera and the motions I mean don't come up with excuses like it was 1978. It's Hollywood and they had more budget than they deserved and what did Clouse with the budget ?!?! He represents us motions and footage of Bruce Lee's former movies just to hide the doubles face in many scenes from different ankles. THAT WAS EMBARRASSING for the whole world and Bruce Lee fans. Here we go with final points they are so many more points but I guess not many people will read this review. THEY JUST STREAM 15 minutes of Bruce Lee's footage from 1972 and they even cut many scenes from it. Where is the sense ?! Where is the last dignity / majesty for the legend Bruce Lee ? There is no way Bruce would let a movie go like this and end that way. You should all watch his other 4 movies and the OG Game of Death but it's in your hands so decide. I wouldn't watch this crap again. I wish Bruce was still alive. It's a f*cking shame how Hollywood treated all the time. RIP BRUCE LEE

Reviewed by BrickNash 4 / 10

Mediocre film plunged to the depths of the bin by being utterly tasteless

Game Of Death has to go down as one of the most blatant cash grabs in movie history.

The reasons for making it were (in the beginning) quite honourable. Finishing Bruce Lee's last film that he was working on before he died? Sounds quite a ice thing to do. Except that he film makers totally threw Lee's original concept out the window and instead wrote some hokey crap about a very thin revenge story. Add to this the fact that Lee had only shot 40 minutes of footage which changes the game quite a bit. If he shot say an hour or an hour and a bit then of course things could be padded out with some new footage but as it was there was barely half a film there and no solid script. With all this in mind the motivations of the studio starts to become very clear.

Technically there's nothing really wrong with the film. The cast are all good, I particularly enjoyed Hugh O'Brian and Colleen Camp so I don't blame any of the actors or being involved at all. The fight scenes are all competently staged by kung-fu legend Sammo Hung and it's all done with a fairly decent hand at the end of the day. The Score by the late great John Barry is also really good.

The trouble is that it's all just a bit dull. The character of Billy Lo seems like a total boring bastard and has one of the most yawn worthy personalities in the film. His voice and manner are always so serious and proper to the point of getting on your nerves. The film also feels a bit like a TV movie akin to something like Columbo or one of the 70s Spider-Man TV films.

Where the film trips up though is it's utter disrespect to Lee. The film makers try to shoehorn in archive footage of Bruce at every opportunity, even from some of his famous films and almost none of it matches the new footage in terms of look and film stock. The two lookalikes are OK I guess but you can tell a mile off that it's not Bruce and the constant and obvious way that they and the camera covers their faces gets annoying.

The film steps over the line when they use real footage from Bruce Lee's funeral which is completely and utterly tasteless and it really doesn't have anything else in the film to make up for it.

As I say, I completely understand why they wanted to do this film as the fans were eager to see the unreleased footage but they don't even use very much of that either (Seriously!).

There's an old saying that says "Just because they are pretty doesn't mean they aren't whores" and that's true here. It might have had some decent production values for the time (though not in the special FX department.....ugh!) and a decent cast but it's the pretty cold intent behind the film which thoroughly earns it the label of "garbage" and unfortunately that's exactly what it is.

The sequel is not much better but it has more dynamic fight scenes and at least a full hour of it is it's own film.

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