Gaga: Five Foot Two


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by free-64498 2 / 10

From Gaga to GagGag

I get the feeling that Gaga was trying really hard to take us on an emotional journey in this documentary and that she did. I rode the roller-coaster of disbelief, frustration, anger, hysteria and disgust as I was spoon fed dribs and drabs of this "pop star's most intimate moments".

If this were a parody, I'd be more forgiving because at least there was an attempt at humour but sadly, this "documentary" is just a long winded commercial for her album and "brand".

What I AM impressed with is how Gaga manages to talk about herself for the entire 2 hour duration, yet by the and of it you have learnt absolutely nothing about her other than a vague fact about breaking her hip 3 years ago and that she's reinventing herself since she's decided the world is tired of seeing her being so glamorous. Seriously.

It becomes obvious very early on in the film that what we are witnessing is nothing more than home footage created by a narcissistic, self indulgent grub who is desperate to remain "current".

Gaga is unable to hold conversations with other people. She simply talks AT people. There was one particular part of the movie however, that Gaga appeared to be genuinely able to think about someone other than herself. She shares some insight into her album's title, Joanne, named after her Aunt Joanne who had passed on before her time having contracted Lupus. She shares the sad, heart wretching story of her Aunt and her incredible sufferings, which involved having her hands amputated and then death. But even in this moment, she is unable to grasp someone else's pain and misery and instead, strangely proclaims "THAT'S ME, I AM HER. I AM JOANNE"

As if that wasn't enough, Gaga then tries to milk tears out of her dear old Granny by taking the cameras to her house and playing her a song she's written about Joanne. Its at this point in the movie that it becomes all too clear how low Gaga will go to seem "profound" and "deep" to us mere mortals watching. Holding an iphone to her Granny's face, Gaga kneels in front of her almost begging her to weep.its incredibility distasteful and hard to watch. But luckily, Granny doesn't take the bait (much to the frustration of Gaga) and reminds her that Joanne's passing occurred over 40 years ago. In a last ditch effort to capture some "feels" for the documentary, the camera focuses on Gaga's father, sitting in the background. Still no reaction. Eventually, Dad walks out the room and we are made to think its because he is being stoic, but its more likely he is just tired of seeing his daughter exploit his dead sister's name.

Did I mention that Gaga broke her hip? Well, she did. And she'll remind you about it several dozen times yet strangely never offers any Insight into the incident. We are never told how it happened or what the actual problem is now, only that "it really hurts". I get the feeling its just thrown out there to justify why she is constantly being massaged for hours at a time while watching TV and talking about how much weed she smokes.

In another wishy washy conversation, Gaga's creative team attempt to sit down with her to gain some direction from her but again, there questions are met with vague, stoner-like responses. When they push her to be more specific, she tells them not to worry and takes off her shirt instead. There she sits with her nips out for no reason other than to seem interesting for the camera and to throw up a distraction to avoid having to converse with another human in a normal, adult fashion.

Just when you think this crap can't possibly get any worse, Gaga hits the local Walmart to show how 'not glamorous' she is these days. Dressed in a bra and handkerchief, I felt scared for the Walmart employees when Gaga discovered her album hadn't been displayed to her satisfaction. It was a laugh out loud moment for all the wrong reasons. I had to watch it through my fingers. Honestly, more horrific than the IT movie.

For anyone that has dealt with someone with an overwhelming interest in themselves, you'll recognise the theme of "I'm a victim, poor me. Poor me" throughout this documentary. She is a walking contradiction and wants so badly for you to know that she is REALLY INTERESTINGLY! It oozes of insecurities.

When Florence Welch asks her how she can post to 18 million people so flippantly, Gaga is confused. Florence explains how if she were in that situation, she would feel so scared (recognizing the importance and responsibility of having access to such a wide audience) yet Gaga remains stunned and offers no response, again proving she is incapable of understanding anything from another's point of view.

If you can't see this for what it really is, you need to dig deeper within yourself instead of looking to these soulless psychos.

Reviewed by sarah-927-728242 4 / 10

Not sure why this was made

A reviewer above said this:

"What I AM impressed with is how Gaga manages to talk about herself for the entire 2 hour duration, yet by the and of it you have learned absolutely nothing about her other than a vague fact about breaking her hip 3 years ago and that she's reinventing herself since she's decided the world is tired of seeing her being so glamorous. Seriously."

This is 100% correct. Even when she's talking about how her 'best friend' is dying, her commentary is basically "Everyone keeps leaving me!" instead of "I feel so bad for my friend" or "I wonder how my friend's family is feeling" or even "I can't imagine how she must feel."

(And afterwards I looked it up, and discovered that Gaga's 'eulogy' when her friend ultimately died was basically "When she died she took all the memories of my early career with her - poor me!")

I guess you have to be pretty narcissistic and self-absorbed in order to be a pop megastar (otherwise how on earth would you have the drive or courage to get on a stage in front of 50,000 people?) but usually we can forgive this because the person is An Artist. The Gaga we see here isn't much of an artist: Her songs aren't musically or lyrically ground-breaking; she's not making some kind of political or social point or changing the world; her stage production is about the same as everyone else's (P!nk's Grammy performance was every bit as good - or better - than Gaga's much-hyped Superbowl show, for example).

It was also staggering to see the record and production company people nodding and smiling at Gaga's ideas ("I need to do something different, you know?") as though they were pearls of wisdom, even though every junior marketing assistant could tell you that pop stars need to do 'something different' with each new album. These weren't exactly Deep Thoughts.

This didn't make me hate Gaga - it just left me feeling that she was sort of all-around average and kind of boring. Which I think is probably worse.

Reviewed by georgesette 9 / 10

A deep path through a decade of Gaga's emotional journey...

Gaga, "Five Foot Two" My Review, There was great anticipation for this Netflix release, and for those that understand & appreciate Gaga's path over the last decade, it was an inviting hour & 40 minutes as it took you deeper than behind the scenes, sharing more than just Gaga performances, Numerous occasions totally unplugged, at home with family, sharing the emotion of special moments, inclusive with family hugs looking back to whom they have lost & the warmth of a baptism, There was lots of footage with her family, especially her dad, this capturing many of Gaga's emotional highs & lows, it took you beyond her celebrity & fame, it brought you to her struggles & pain, & the discomfort inclusively through health & relationships. There were many scenes capturing her warmth & sensitivity ( as expected) as well as her exhaustion & dedication in rehearsal & to her fans. Gaga shared her fears & insecurities, and showed that the life of a superstar is very much like the common woman. We all cry, we all hurt, and we all need time alone... I laughed a few times & cried as well, there was an amazing piano rendition of 'Bad Romance' which was performed at Tony Bennett's 90th birthday party, that simply gave me goose bumps It was ridiculously awesome.... I found the scenes at Wall Mart to be crazy funny as Gaga herself asked a clerk "Where can i find the Lady Gaga CD's" and the guy didn't even know who she was, nor did the security guy. Ha! Many people do not understand that Gaga's latest album "Joanne" was a full track of emotion & change, and significantly different from all the songs she had written on the previous 4 albums. It's about growth, learning, healing, being you & true to your emotions. This documentary takes you through a decade of Gaga's growth, up close & into her dressing rooms, her personal care & her travels. Her tattoos & showing her often not wearing any makeup. Oh and there's a scene where she's poolside speaking with fashion consultants, and yeah topless....that was interesting... In closing, for obvious reasons, an absolute must for those that appreciate Gaga, but then again, if you do, you've seen countless clips of Gaga's path over the years, and pretty much have a great understanding of her passion, energy & ridiculous gift to the music industry, and as always, the sensitive warmth that exudes out of her skin, straight from her heart. & for those that have never had any interest, perhaps they will find it interesting to see how 'Real' a superstar can actually be.... Have a great day, Peace to all ~Geo

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