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Angela Bassett as TV reporter
Brian Dennehy as Lt. Leo McCarthy
Jerry Orbach as Nicholas DeFranco
Tom Noonan as Varrick
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Reviewed by Ian 5 / 10

Who'll Get The Last Laugh?

(Flash Review)

This movie is like walking on early winter lake ice, don't jump too hard or you may fall through sketchy plot 'holes'. zing. This is one of those movies that is mildly entertaining yet if you try, you can get hung up on various odd plot points/holes. Overall, this has a rather unique and clever story approach wrapped in sub-standard 80's production quality which isn't typically a high bar. The protagonist, Rollie, is a top tier movie special effects artist and is recruited by the FBI to help stage an assassination to more easily place a person into witness protection. Rollie not only ends up in a leading role of his own real yet fake movie stunt but gets more than he bargained for. Will he be able to use his unique creativity to get himself out of a sticky situation? This movie was detective based with several twists and turns. Has some clever 80's effects scenes yet at times feels cheap with some questionable director decisions and ho-hum car chases. This also has one of the WORST acting efforts I've ever seen by the 2nd supporting female actress. She only says a few short lines but her delivery is simply laughable.

Reviewed by dafrosts 8 / 10

Still holds it own

I saw this on the big screen during its initial run. Just saw it on Amazon Prime. It still holds strong, even though the F/X are passe based on today's standards. Rollie (Bryan Brown) is an F/X specialist who is approached by the DOJ to help fake the death of Nicolas DeFranco (portrayed by the Awesome Jerry Orbach), who has turned DOJ informant against the mob. Rollie initially declines the offer but a little ego stroking and about $45 grand, convince him to accept the offer. Rollie's apartment/workshop is filled with creatures from his movies. The best is his security system. DOJ Agent Lipton (Cliff De Young) plays the usual sycophant. He is the one who monitors Rollie during the set-up for DeFranco's "death". DeFranco freaks when informed Rollie will be using a radio transmitter for the blood spurts. DeFranco has a pacemaker and wants nothing to do with the transmitter. Rollie shows him how safe the device is by activating it. Col. Mason (Mason Adams) has the usual sliminess of a Gov't agent on the take. He is Lipton's boss and keeps tabs on what's going on with DeFranco while shining on NYPD Lt. Murdoch (Trey Wilson), who accepts the usual Gov't BS. Rollie is convinced to pull the trigger by Col. Mason, who wants everything to go off without a hitch. While, this should have lit up Rollie's Spidey Senses that something was amiss, he agrees. Rollie shoots DeFranco in a restaurant and flees in a car with Lipton. Rollie is confronted with the realization he's a loose end, when Lipton tries to kill him. No evidence of the shooting includes killing off the F/X artist who set it up. The rest of the movie find Lipton, Col, Mason and DeFranco learning why you don't screw with a F/X artist. Making the movie even more fun is disgruntled NYPD LT. Leo McCarthy (Brian Dennehey), who has been after DeFranco for years. It is Ahab after Moby Dick. When Rollie's girlfriend and a DOJ "Cleaner" are found dead in the girlfriend's sublet apartment, Leo follows the trail to the DOJ. He doesn't buy anything they try to sell him. He butts heads with the DOJ, Lt. Murdoch and his Captain in his attempt to connect the dots. Not once does he suspect Rollie is responsible for DeFranco's or the girlfriend's murder. He thinks Rollie is a patsy. Leo gets help from the lovely Velez (DeGuzman), who just wants to the islands and have some fun while Rollie is aided by assistant Andy (Martha Gehman). While Leo and Rollie are on the same quest, they don't actually meet until the end of the movie, when all hell breaks loose at Col. Mason's estate. The F/X's Rollie uses at the estate are antiquated by today's standards but still fun to watch. It is the best use of Crazy Glue I could ever imagine. My only suggestion with regards to DeFranco's ill-gotten money which Leo and Rollie acquire, is that they best have given some to Velez to enjoy her island vacation and some to Andy to start her own F/X company.

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 7 / 10

Just the right kind of distraction

Sometimes it really all comes down to casting. And "F/X" is certainly no exception. The movie doesn't get going until Brian Dennehy shows up, and it's completely fair to say he's the movie's linchpin. Prior to that, it's all about the genial nature of its star special effects guru (Bryan Brown). But eventually it turns into a pretty good cat-n-mouse thriller, so long as you're taking it for what it is. I like this movie, in part for its inherent absurdity. The misdirection is silly, and I think that's why it's fun. Even the ending feels appropriate to the overall tone.

And I can't be the only one who really enjoyed Roscoe Brown as the fed-up police captain. He's a long way from Sesame Street.


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