Furious 7


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 320330


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Gal Gadot as Gisele
Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs
Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ritheshk555 9 / 10

Adrenaline Coursing through my veins.

As a F&F fan, I've enjoyed every movie in the franchise excluding F3. But, that movie has an important part and effect to the franchise. And now to the film, It was a full action flick alongside with a tear crying tribute to Paul Walker. From the first race of Leticia to the last scene between O'Connor and Toretto, It was one of the best movie in the franchise. The Core part of the story tells us about good ol' fashioned revenge combined with Speed of NOS and muscle. Deckard Shaw seeks out his kind of style revenge which pulls Toretto and his family into Shaw's world.And so, he combine forces Mr. Nobody to complete a mission for him and in return gets Deckerd Shaw. What happens afterwards, is your's to see. The performance of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker is fantastic. From the Screenplay to their actions, their brother 2 brother relationship was amazing. Michelle Rodriguez played her principal cast perfectly. She had done homework in her fighting and she looks gorgeous as always. Ludicrous and Tyrese Gibson played their respective roles well and their chemistry for humor doesn't cease to amaze at most of the times. Rock and Tony Jaa and other's also played their part to their maximum. But Elsa Pataky wasn't given that much to her role. She was a like a cameo appearance but it wasn't that much necessary to include in the whole movie. The graphics and stunts was nearly mind blowing except that the CGI work done for Paul is notable at some times. But, it wasn't that much drawback for the movie as he played his part well and his brother's completed the work he is done. The franchise might have losen a big cast, but it manages to keep the film to the edge of the seat climax. The tribute given by Vin Diesel for him is absolutely superb. It was very touching when he said,"It's never Goodbye" and when they separate in cross roads, it was really amazing to give such an tribute to Paul Walker.

Overall, as the franchise keeps promising its Action and Adrenaline, it manages to keep it together even though they lost Paul Walker. A must see for everyone. Try it in a cinema and your money's value will be nicely spent for a good entertainment.

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 8 / 10

Has its flaws, but the action is superb. Over the top, like I like it.

For the absolutely most part I really enjoyed this action movie.

This is exactly the kind of action that I really like. Extreme action. Action that does not try to be "realistic" at all. Over the top action. (and I really hate people that can't accept extreme action, they be all like: "yeah, right, that's SO unrealistic"! Dumb people.

Here's what I don't like. I have to say I have a slight problem with Vin Diesel. I mean, he's alright, it's just, compared to Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, he's just, well he kind of pales in comparison. His character is also slightly annoying. With his family-talk all the god damn time. We get it, you're into family, the only thing that matters is family, your little gang is family. Family. Family. And hose gravelly grunts he speaks in, ain't cool bruh. Sometimes you can barely make out what he is saying.

The movie also tries to portray him as super strong, which I don't totally buy. He's a big guy, but not that big. He looks like he thinks he's bigger than he is. Compared to the monster that is The Rock, he looks like a skinny twig for Petes sake. And he, Vin Diesel, is lifting cars and tossing people several yards, I just don't buy it.

Also there's some other stuff that I didn't like. There's this "computer chip" with some insane technology, and it seemed a little out of place. That stuff was straight up sci/fi. I hate when they mix sci/fi-stuff into action movies that are set today. The plot has some issues, but I choose not to care too much.

OK, got that out of the way. This movies has perfectly shot, exciting, over the top-action. Several big, long action scenes, and I pretty much loved all of them. And since this is an action movie first and foremost, I won't let the negative stuff count all that much. I was very entertained.

There are a couple of 'jump-out-of-a-car-in-slow-motion, at-the-last-millisecond, with-a-one-in-a-billion-chance-of-making-it'- scenes that for some reason gives me goosebumps a little. Probably because they are so over the top. I love that stuff. I think of who ever came up with something so over-the-top, and get a little impressed. Good job!

Good thinking getting Jason Statham into this, I so rooted for him. He is way cooler than the whole furious-team.

And that Nathalie Emmanuel, holy gasoline fumes is she gorgeous. And she speaks nineteen languages, including Dothraki, what a catch!

And of course, we all know Paul Walker is no longer with us, and you're reminded of that each time he is on screen. He gets a little montage at the end, it is very well done - really sad, man. Real damn sad.

Reviewed by isachidiana 10 / 10

It's all about family in this movie.

Truly one of my new favorite movies. Soundtrack was great.The entire film is worth a watch If you love fast cars, action, and a movie that has no dry times I would highly recommend not only checking out this movie, but also check out the whole series. The characters in the movie knows how to stay loud and proud after Paul Walker passed away, but on the other hand familiar faces from past Fast&Furious films appear in this movie and that is great how Chris Morgan and James Wan did to make this movie all about the Fast & Furious family. The ending did get me all teary eyed with it's poetic tribute to Paul Walker, a perfect sendoff which fans will appreciate. If you like action films,"Fast and Furious 7" will not disappoint you. CLASA 12 C

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