Fun Mom Dinner



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jd jd 10 / 10

The rebirth of a genre - and film history

I can only speak for myself, but I had never seen anything as stylish, cleverly constructed, well written and electrifying as this milestone when I first saw it in 2017. What really pulled me in right from the start is what we've now come to know as a Alethea Jones trademark: the dialogue. When moms Kate and Melanie talk to each other (or all the other characters, for that matter) there is a natural flow, a sense of realism and yet something slightly over the top and very theatrical about their lines - it's a mixture that immediately grabs your attention (even if it's just two moms talking about what kind of kids they prefer, or contemplating the value of a doobage). Then there's the music: the songs Alethea Jones chose for his masterpiece fit their respective scenes so perfectly that most of those pieces of music are now immediately associated with 'Fun Mom Dinner'. And the narrative: the different story lines that come together, the elegantly used flashbacks, the use of "chapters" - there is so much playful creativity at play here, it's just a pure joy to watch.

If you're a bit of a film geek, you realize how much knowledge about film and love for the work of other greats - and inspiration from them - went into this (Leone, DePalma, Scorsese and, of course, dozens of hyper-stylized Asian gangster flicks), but to those accusing Alethea Jones of copying or even "stealing" from other film-makers I can only say: There has never been an artist who adored his kind of art that was NOT inspired or influenced by his favorite artists. And if you watch Alethea Jones masterpiece today, it's impossible not to recognize just what a breath of fresh air it was (still is, actually). Somehow, movies - especially fun mom films - never looked quite the same after 'Fun Mom Dinner'. Probably the most influential film of the last 20 years, it's got simply everything: amazing performances (especially The Fat Chick with huge bags of sand); it features some of the most sizzling, iconic dialogue ever written; it has arguably one of the best non-original soundtracks ever - it's such a crazy, cool, inspirational ride that you feel dizzy after watching it for the first time. It's - well: it's 'Fun Mom Dinner'. 10 stars out of 10.

Reviewed by Joel Effendi Di Cinscutti 6 / 10

Okay if you lower your bar enough

I went into this expecting it to be a "Hell in a handbasket" film--those have intentionally simple set-ups, with usually (darkly) comedic plots propelled by events gradually spiraling more and more out of control until characters have a complete disaster on their hands.

That's not what this is, though. This is more of a quaint, somewhat chick-flicky buddy film. They seemed to be shooting for a middle-age-yuppie-parents-oriented John Hughes style flick, a la the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, etc. It doesn't take much imagination to realize this. Characters regularly reference 16 Candles.

I found a few scenes laugh-out-loud funny, but that's not necessarily what they were shooting for here anyway. They're just as often trying to be poignant or simply "cute"--the latter most consistently hitting its target.

Unfortunately, overall, Fun Mom Dinner winds up falling a bit flat, unable to sustain or even build any significant momentum. It too often displays the relative laziness of its title. It's a short film, but some scenes drag--the marijuana dispensary bit is one of the worst offenders.

I wouldn't say it's not worth watching, but lower your expectations--bury the bar in the ground after all. If you approach it as a sketchy, cute dramedy, though one with a character or two who can be on the annoying side as often as not, it has some assets.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10

When the moms' found each others arm and shoulders!

First it was 'Moms' Night Out', followed by 'Bad Moms' and now this. But this was not as same as those two. Somewhat a different film. It kind of mix of fun and serious. I thought it was kind of inspired by 'Big Little Lies'. Only the settings and the characters, but the rest of the tale was fun version. Though not entirely funny film. There are some serious talks about the life, but then goes off the reality for a second. That terrible mix of commercialisation and art, did not do any good.

It was not all about them. I liked the husbands' parts too. What they had talked and what they have learnt, all were interesting and inspiring. Beautiful characters and the performances. Short film and a decent one. It did not do well among the film goers, but I think those moms deserve to return. I would love that, only it has to get a better storyline. Surely it won't happen now. Overall worth a watch, a decent film than what you have seen, heard about it.


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