Full Frontal


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Brad Pitt as Himself
Julia Roberts as Francesca / Catherine
January Jones as Tracy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kareninysimba 1 / 10

Grow fame and...

In Spanish there's a saying that translates: "Grow fame and go to sleep". I think this happened with S. Soderbergh, where he took advantage of his surprising win at the Oscars Best Director competition and the success of his movie Erin Brockovich along with his pal Julia Roberts and her high peak in the moment he made this movie. Without those 2 mega successes he wouldn't convince many studios to make this movie, and none of us would ever seen it. The box office barely went over the movie budget.

A mix of troubled characters related all to the movie business create a confused and complicated web of feelings, relationships, weird behaviors and "rendevouz" that are let to almost pure improvisation by the director, and in retrospective it sounds very interesting but we haven't seen many movies with such a proposal maybe not because nobody has thought about it but because it's very hard to make it successful and achieve a fine piece of work. In this case I don't think that the weight of Oscars and fresh success help that much in accomplishing that nice piece of work. A very good and daring idea where all the actors were abandon to their own choices in make up, dressing and craft supplies. Niece piece of work... for the actors and crew who make it, in their own private screening or party, not for us who felt it was a waste of time and my $1 that cost renting it. There is some arrogant smell in the air that I felt heavily since I saw for the first time Mr. Soderbergh old fashion sort of feminine style glasses frames and it was strongly confirmed by watching this movie.

I don't remember in recent years a movie where I start watching the running time as early as I started with this movie: when it ran for 15 min I was already impatient, and for a good 1 hour or so I felt uncomfortable for not knowing anything of what was happening and not connecting but a couple of dots in the whole plot. Maybe that was the precise goal of Soderbergh, don't know. I felt bored watching a huge bunch of nonsense which might have make sense but at the end it didn't. Brad Pitt was quite right at the end: I don't know who did it. We strongly hope there's better to come from Soderbergh.

Reviewed by benno-das 1 / 10

Needed: A New Rating Category

I have no idea what I watched. I then wondered why I bought the DVD. It has "Terrific" and similar comments from movie critics of well-known American newspapers. What they were on while they watched this stuff or when they wrote the synopsis is not clear but it seems it was the same stuff the makers of this celluloid product had. They should have kept it in their private library and watched it every time they had the stuff. Why trouble poor movie viewers who want to relax or at least have a laugh or two at the end of a tiring day or week?

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 2 / 10


It's the day of the birthday party for Gus (David Duchovny). Movie stars Francesca Davis (Julia Roberts) and Calvin Cummings (Blair Underwood) meet at the airport as Catherine interviewing actor Nicholas. They fly from NY to LA. Lee Bright (Catherine Keener) is an arrogant, ambitious executive tired of her writer husband Carl Bright (David Hyde Pierce). Linda Sharp (Mary McCormack) is her masseuse sister. Small theater director (Enrico Colantoni) is doing a play about Hitler (Nicky Katt).

This is an artsy poignant-wannabe. There is nothing more pretentious than an amateur play about Hitler. This is disjointed. The characters are only compelling because of the high class actors. Even the movie title is pretentious. It is lifeless and tiresome to watch. Director Steven Soderbergh often do experimental stuff. The problem is that none of these stories appeal to me.

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