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Kristen Bell as Anna
Alan Tudyk as Duke
Idina Menzel as Elsa
Josh Gad as Olaf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jandsm5321 5 / 10

Standard Disney Hypocricy...

How can you claim a movie has a good message when 90% of the movie is showing negative ones? When the emotional peaks are pushing harmful attitudes and the healthy morals seem only tacked on as an afterthought?

They spend a lot of time pushing follow your passions no matter what, don't be good, be what you want, etc. It was refreshing to see the brief moment of "love is caring for others" but the idea was only actually demonstrated in a few scenes.

The way the girls are treated by their parents and guardians doesn't make sense at all, how could they go their entire childhood without actually doing anything to try to help the girls? Nobody questioned that keeping someone locked in a room for 20 years might be a bad idea? Else didn't spend any time actually thinking and trying to figure out her powers?

Then throw in the unbelievable villain who goes from a friendly, agreeable guy to a murderer in the space of one scene. I guess it gives the roller coaster ride that people seem to want. Personally I like things to at least have a thread of believability rather than pure shock factor.

They make fun of their own tread of throwing two people into a committed relationship after one adventure but then do the same thing this movie... throwing in a "a while later" message to try to hide it, but it's still displaying the same thing. What's wrong with just leaving characters as friends by the end instead of having to push relationships on everything?

Personally, I'm tired of the Disney formula, and I'm glad more indie studios are getting more of the spotlight.

Reviewed by magic-75340 7 / 10

Unique and Strangely good

It's strange that a person like me would actually like this film- as a 35 yr old man, I don't usually watch fairy tale type movies anymore (the only reason why I saw this is because I was a substitute counselor at a summer camp and this was one of the movies they showed the kids). There are some things about it that I don't like, particularly the stuff with the trolls, but overall I think it's a great film with some really unique story elements and intriguing music, particularly "Let It Go".

I think it's interesting that the blizzard and chaos is caused not by the bad character, but rather by a good character who just doesn't know how to control it.

But what really makes it unique is how Anna is saved from the cold spell at the end. (Note that there are spoilers here). She is told that in order to save herself she needs an act of true love. It looks like it's just another one of those old stories where a princess needs a kiss from a man (a concept I have never liked). But in complete contrast to traditional fairy tale stories, it turns out to be something very different. At first I actually didn't quite understand it, but it turns out that instead of needing true love from another person, what she really needs is to perform an act of true love to someone else (or at least that's what ends up happening). It's a very special scene in that while she is literally dying from the cold she sees Kristoff coming and thinks that he is her only chance to survive. But at the same time the wicked prince Hans is about to kill her sister. So she has to make a decision of either save herself, or try to save Elsa, and she ultimately chooses the latter. She literally gives her life to try to save her sister. Giving your life for someone else is the greatest act of love that anyone can possibly do. The fact that she even still loves her sister at all after all the trouble she has caused makes it even more commendable. In a sense this sort of makes Anna a good example to follow (although she also makes some foolish decisions as well).

Unlike most people, I don't like romance stories. And while Frozen does contain some romance, I like it in that for once the romance is not what solves the problem at the end, and isn't really the main focus.

Reviewed by jacksons-02775 1 / 10

really? the guy who wrote book of mormon went on to this?

I hate this movie. really i hate this movie. first of all, there's infinit plotholes, like where did elsa get her powers? how far do they extent? i wouldn't mind this so much except its a major plotline! also, half of the characters are useless, like oaken or the duke. and elsa, a queen, nearly kills her hole country in the snow and doesn't suffer a punishment. and olaf, is annoying. i would say boycott this movie, but its clear no one is boycotting anything with this movie.

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