Friends with Kids


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 38332


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Kristen Wiig as Missy
Megan Fox as Mary Jane
Adam Scott as Jason Fryman
Jon Hamm as Ben
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ramblr78 3 / 10

bad writing

the actors were fine, but as the featured reviewer pointed out the story was just bad, didn't anyone tell Jennifer Westfeldt that no one cares about spoiled over privileged Manhattanites anymore, just arrogant idiots who think they are the reason why the world turns and that everyone looks up to them. the two main characters were so badly developed that there was no connection between them and the audience, basically a spoiled guy, who has a nice job and rich parents, who is friends with a spoiled girl, who decide rather spontaneously to have a baby together yet still date other people. when the (surprise) relationship doesn't work out the way that they expect, then the two separate and try to find happiness on their own terms, but alas discover that they can't live without each other so in the end they reunite as a traditional husband and wife couple. When a romantic comedy ends with the actresses last line being "I want you to fu*k the sh*t out of me" well, you know what kind of conclusion to make. I really can't be bothered to write a better review because the film just doesn't merit any more of my time to be wasted thinking about this trite filth.

Reviewed by Victor Holm Johansen 8 / 10

A good movie, for what it is

For what this is, it is an amazing movie! I cracked up laughing out loud countles of times and from two minuttes into the movie I was enjoying myself tremendously. It is not unpredictable or artsy fartsy and renewing the way movies are made or anything, but it is a good easy-to-watch comedy-romance movie. And Adam Scott is amazing as always and the female lead is very cute. Also nice to see Kristen Wiig in a little different role :)

Reviewed by sinifdosyalarih 3 / 10

Friends with benefits but instead of benefits they have a kid

This is my first review and i just opened an account just to warn and save other people.

A predictable roller-coaster ride with very few decent scenes sprinkled in. The film has some points about marriage but tries to make those points through exaggerated shitty relationships.

In the first 30 minutes I thought this would not be a mainstream romantic movie but it disappointed me with an extremely linear and ordinary story. Not recommended for anyone to watch, save your 2 hours for any other movie.


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