Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Crispin Glover as Jimmy Mortimer
Corey Feldman as Tommy
Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Pamela Voorhees
Tom Savini as Jason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lnvicta 7 / 10

The best in the series.

I've seen every Friday the 13th movie more than once. I'm a horror completist, what can I say, and Friday the 13th happens to be one of the more campy and fun horror franchises out there. The first three were fine - all had great ideas, great kills, and great atmosphere. Unfortunately, there was at least one thing off in each of those movies. The original's climactic ending hasn't aged well and some shots linger for way too long, and some parts of Part III felt clunky and poorly paced. Part IV isn't perfect either, but it's a step above its predecessors for a number of reasons.

1. The acting - No one watches horror for the acting, I understand that, but when a horror movie has a likable cast and characters you can relate to and root for, it makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Crispin Glover is great as a nerdy, horny white boy and his dancing skills are unmatched. The lead girl and the rest of the supporting cast are all convincing as well, and the boy Tommy Jarvis actually isn't annoying for a child actor. In fact, he's pretty darn good.

2. The nudity - No one watches horror for the- okay, some people watch horror for the nudity, and boy is there nudity in this one. For the "final" chapter the crew went all out, throwing two gorgeous sisters and numerous blondes into the mix and having all of them show their tits and ass. Yeah, both, and although its gratuitous and adds nothing to the plot, it's a nice break from the bloodbaths and I'd take a little eye candy over forced dialogue in a horror movie any day of the week.

3. The pacing - The movie begins with Jason's "dead" body being sent to the morgue, and it isn't long before the body count ensues. The hospital scene is excellent for a few reasons. One, it has two characters that have less than five minutes of screen time but more personality than anyone from the first two F13s, and two, their deaths are awesome. It's a briskly paced movie and surprisingly keeps a large amount of its cast alive for a majority of the film, yet there are enough disposable characters to keep the body count going. It's a great balance.

Everything else comes down to good writing and good directing. I like the addition of a family, I like the group of teenage Jason fodder this time around, and there really aren't many dull moments. The inclusion of a seasoned backpacker was a nice touch, and Jason finally getting the sh*t kicked out of him was no doubt satisfying. Although the whole Tommy arc didn't work out in the next installment, he was a nice addition in this one and actually contributed a lot to the story.

Not only is this the best Friday the 13th film, but it's a damn good slasher in its own right. The characters are likable, the third act is plenty suspenseful, it's an entertaining ride from beginning to end. If you like '80s slashers and want to see some good looking people get terrorized by Jason Voorhees then there's no reason not to check this one out. And check out the others too because, why not?

Reviewed by rambofanlife-41678 10 / 10

The Final Chapter is the best excellent "Friday the 13th" slasher of them all my all time number 1 personal favorite horror film

My top 1 best favorite film of all time ever. Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter is my all time personal favorite horror slasher 80's film it is the best one it is my number one favorite Friday the 13th film this is a great slasher horror film. Kimberly Beck was a bad-ass hottie sexy girl, I love her so much. Trish Jarvis is my favorite number 1 final girl and the best heroine of all Friday the 13th films. Ted White is the best Jason Voorhees In my opinion! Jason is a ruthless killing menacing machine in this one and Ted White acted like the role was written on his skin, he had a heart to play the character. I love, love, love it so much I love it! Ted White is my number one favorite Jason of them all.

Kimberly Beck, Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover made this film work for me. This is Joseph Zito's best film he ever made, beside The Prowler and Invasion U.S.A. it is my favorite Joseph Zito film.

Special makeup effects artist was Larry Carr, Tom Savini and Kevin Yagher who were practical special effects. No CGI no shaky cam I love all gory and practical effects used in this film. Tom Savini made with his effects a great death scenes that hold even today. There was a beautiful jump scene trough window in which the main heroine fall's down.

It has beautiful cast: I love the twins Camilla and Carey More as Tina and Terri. I love Barbara Howard as Sara so much I felt bad for her. I love Judie Aronson from American Ninja as Samantha. I love Crispin Glover as Jimmy Mortimer and his dance moves. I love Lawrence Monoson as Ted. I love the song played in the film Love Is a Lie by Lion. I love the atmosphere and setting about this film. I love everyone in this film.

I love Sara, Sam and of course Jimmy I love the cast, the setting. Joseph Zito directed great. My favorite death scene Is Paul been stabbed in the groin with a harpoon gun excellent scene.

I enjoy this movie much you have beautiful cast in here you have a lot's of nudity, great gory and bloody scenes, great kills great heroes. I just love this film to death from setting from acting from jokes everything I love in this film.

Corey Feldman is great as Tommy Jarvis the main hero in this film this is his best film. I love him in The Lost Boys and in this film he was fantastic. Kimberly Beck as Trish Jarvis was excellent in my opinion really excellent I love her so much in here. Crispin Glover was great before he went to star a year later in Back to the Future (1985) my all time favorite film. Erich Anderson as Rob did a good job as the guy who want's to avenge his sister death.

The Final Chapter is well-paced and well-acted, fit with campy dialogue, bloody deaths, and nudity galore. The Final Chapter ties the original run of the series together well, and is the last Jason entry that can really be taken seriously. This movie get's my Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval 10/10 this movies are great I love this film to death I love it I highly recommend it to the fans.

Reviewed by darthMisaskernew 8 / 10

The best Friday The 13th movie!

This has always been my favorite Friday The 13th movie. It's the first time the franchise truly realized how dumb it was, thus making it a fun, dumb, yet still scary 80's goldmine of gory horror fun! It has the best Jason, the best characters, and some of the best kills. It's nice to have characters that are actually likable and relatable, such as Cripsin Glover as the shy nerdy guy who's battling several social anxiety. Most of the other movies just have generic teenagers who are only there to get killed, but this is the first movie that actually tries to have interesting and ED characters that you want to root for instead of waiting for them to die. Corey Feldman as the kid is also a cool character and a nice change of pace. The kills are BRUTAL and have such a PUNCH to them. People don't just die, they DIE. People get tossed out windows and over balconies and get stabbed in the freakin face and broken in half of Jason's knee, it's all amazing! I will say the ending is a bit underwhelming, since this is supposed to be the final Jason movie and all (thank GOD we got more), but it's still a cool ending. If you gotta pick one Friday movie to watch, pick this one.

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