Friday the 13th


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 99464


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Kevin Bacon as Jack
Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Voorhees
Tom Savini as Man The Knife Killer
Adrienne King as Alice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Julian R. White 4 / 10

Drags a bit...

I've known of the Friday The 13th movies for years, but only just recently decided to watch one. I mean, it's a decent movie, but it does tend to get a bit repetitive. Murderous, vengeful mother distraught over her sons death due to the neglect by horny counselors is out to punish all the other kids. She has something against anyone young and sexually active I guess? Well anyways, the movie does leave you on a bit of a cliffhanger. Due to the lack of evidence, is the only surviving camper going to be blamed for the murders? Does she now have to live with terrorizing dreams? Who knows. I mean, I'll probably give the next few a try, hopefully things pick up a bit!

Oh, and how exactly do 3 or 4 arrows support the body weight of a 180 pound man?

Reviewed by simonconnolly72-467-863881 6 / 10

not bad - until the last 15 minutes or so

I was pleasantly surprised. Non annoying teenagers, a story that took it's time without an overload of gore and killing, and some nice cinematography of the American countryside. It doesn't go at breakneck speed and some people might find it slow and plodding but it was very watchable. Sure, it rips the music of psycho right off, even the reverse plotting of psycho with this time the mother taking on the personality of the son, and some routine stuff, but it was still ok....until we find out who the killer is, and then it all goes into silly territory and all suspense lost. The issues I have are: 1. the killer kills everyone off by creeping up on them or catching them off guard. then with the final survivor she introduces herself and explains her motives...why? it's purely a set up for the audiences benefit to understand who she is but it's not in keeping with the character.....are we to believe she'd explain herself to the last survivor before massacring her? no - bad script and direction...find another way 2. she's the most hapless killer - after executing a camp full of teenagers and the guy in charge with no problem, she becomes suddenly incompetent, and can't kill off an hysterical girl. 3. typical horror situation - the survivor keeps finding a way to knock down the killer but never finishes her off, just walks away - and finally when she runs back to the cabin, she doesn't look for any type of weapon to defend herself even though she knows she's being hunted.

unfortunately this last 10/15 minutes lets down a pretty good movie

Reviewed by skybrick736 6 / 10

Friday the 13th (6/10)

When it comes to name recognition of a horror film and franchise, Friday the 13th is probably near the top and to many is considered the first film is considered a masterpiece in the slasher genre. The original also really stands out as its own movie compared to all of its predecessor's due tone and the ending reveal. Aside from some great scenes and an excellent suspenseful finish, the writing produced some cheesy lines and unlikeable characters from top to bottom. Adrienne King's scream queen character, Alice, was never captivating on screen with delivery and appearance. Friday the 13th is an above average film that struck gold at the right time with its promiscuous message and kicking off the popular slasher genre.

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