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Amanda Fuller as Dolores
Sean Faris as Ryan
Danny Dyer as Mr. Frank
Rebecca Da Costa as Chelsea
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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 1 / 10

Awful Thing

A team of Parkour practitioners is abducted by the criminal Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer) that puts remotely controlled necklaces with explosives around their necks to force them to participate in a millionaire gambling death race for their lives. The freerunner Ryan (Sean Faris) succeeds to deactivate his collar, but the evil Mr. Frank abducts his girlfriend Chelsea (Rebecca Da Costa). Now Ryan has to reach the evil mastermind to save Chelsea.

"Freerunner" is an awful thing with dreadful acting, story, screenplay, direction and camera. It is amazing how a producer can invest five million-dollars is such a garbage. As highlighted in another review, this is the worst acting ever. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Fuga Alucinante" ("Maddening Run")

Reviewed by HottieLoves23 3 / 10

Completely Pointless!

Before watching a movie I always see who is in it and that usually weighs heavily on my decision to watch it or not. I'm a fan of Sean Faris and his acting in the movie is the only reason I gave the movie such a high rating - I can honestly saw this movie should have gotten a 1.

After watching it I feel like it's a pathetic attempt to remake the 2009 movie Gamer starring Gerard Butler - which wasn't a great movie but far better than this.

There are so many awful things about this movie I don't know where to star. Well, first of all, I really disliked Chelsea. Why you ask? Because the movie basically revolved around this 'beautiful' character that has virtually no personality and who we really no nothing about. In fact we don't really get to know any of the characters except the surface of Ryan.

Maybe this type of movie just isn't my thing but it felt so flat and lifeless even with all the action. The concept of the movie was OK but the dialogue between the characters and their lack of personalities was pitiful.

Reviewed by alexwojtak 1 / 10

Worst acting ever

I remember Simon Amstell saying that if a film contained Danny Dyer, it was either first rate or third rate. This film really doesn't cut it as third rate. It truly is terrible.

I've watched a lot of films, and I tend to like a lot of cheap low budget horror films, so it's really going some to say that I think this is the worst acting I've ever seen. Maybe something like 'razor blade smile' coming in second. They were clearly going for parkour crossed with the running man, but failed on every count that matters as a movie (also, surely a better title would have been "The free-running man"?) The opening just looks like a computer game, but manages to handle it even worse than "house of the dead." Somehow it goes downhill from there.

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