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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movierevman 10 / 10

Wild and funny!

Okay maybe I have a silly sense of humor but this is a really funny film. Like really funny. I havent laughed a movie as much as this in a long time. the characters are amazing and acting is good. There's all kinds of comedy... awkward... stupid.... rude... clever. Movies like this are not made enough. Oh and TBag is in it as a drug dealer! And Danny Terejo!

Reviewed by Ali 8 / 10

it's OK..

The acting is very good, Especially Brendan Coughlin.. The comedy is above average, I mean it is not very high and Not low It is above the dividing line. I liked the strange dialogues, With the owners of various shops. The film for the young age group, Who are looking for fun and cynical lifestyles. Of course I am one of them, but with my rules.

Reviewed by nowego 3 / 10

Tries Hard

This type of movie has been done over and over since about the 70's. Animal House (1978) comes to mind. I tried very hard to like this and watched it to the bitter end, but failed. Watch for the bloopers during the credits, they were the funniest part of the movie.

Two stars for the acting, while the antics at times were infantile, the acting really was pretty good. There was nothing wrong with how the actors acted, the problem was what they did and said while doing it.

The third star is for the sporadic moments that I actually laughed, unfortunately they were not often enough for what could have been a pretty good movie.

Brendan Michael Coughlin's character really sucked the most and he probably should stick to Days of Our Lives.

Avoid this if you don't like infantile and toilet humour.

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