Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein
Freddie Jones as Professor Richter
Simon Ward as Karl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spikeopath 8 / 10

I fancy that I am the spider and you are the fly, Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is directed by Terence Fisher and written by Bert Batt. It stars Peter Cushing, Veronica Carlson, Simon Ward and Freddie Jones. Music is by James Bernard and cinematography by Arthur Grant.

The fifth entry in Hammer Film's Frankenstein series is one of the best. Playing as a variant on the original Frankenstein sources, story finds Cushing's Baron Victor Frankenstein as an utterly repugnant individual who is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve his medical goals. Morally and ethically bankrupt, Frankenstein blackmails young lovers Anna and Karl into helping him achieve his ultimate goal - with disastrously ghoulish results for all concerned.

Steered strongly by the hands of the under valued Fisher, pic is not just hauntingly elegant as per being a Gothic mood piece, but it is filled out with macabre shocks, and even gallows humour. Some scenes are striking in their ability to gnaw away at your senses, including the infamous sexual predator scene that has divided opinions (personally I think it's great in showing how low Frankenstein has got). It builds to a terrific climax, where Freddie Jones (turning in a super emotionally driven turn as one of the better "creatures" in the series) and Frankenstein indulge in spider and fly bluster.

Despair, degradation and disintegration unbound, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is high-end Hammer Horror. 8/10

Reviewed by simeon_flake 8 / 10

The Soul of the Baron...

If he had one to begin with. Peter Cushing in this variation on the Frankenstein legend is more ruthless than ever. The first thing we see here is the Baron lopping some poor guy's head off & carrying the head back to his lab--a lab with more than a few corpses in it. And, the somewhat infamous "rape" scene. It seems the good Doctor has lost all moral code in this film.

The motivation for the Baron this time is brain transplants & getting a secret formula from an old colleague. The surgery--of course--is a success, but this time, Frankenstein's subject is neither a "creature" or "monster." But rather a somewhat sympathetic figure looking for revenge for what has been done to him. This sets up the great, fiery climax where Frankenstein is indeed destroyed.

Honorable mention also to Veronica Carlson, looking absolutely stunning throughout the whole movie. Another great Hammer feature....

Reviewed by Uriah43 7 / 10

A More Cruel and Evil Baron Frankenstein

When a burglar breaks into his house, "Baron Frankenstein" (Peter Cushing) is forced to leave town immediately due to some rather disturbing items he had placed inside the cellar. To that end, when he finally reaches his destination he rents a room at a boarding house and proceeds to resume his experiments from there. To further his work he blackmails a young physician named "Karl" (Simon Ward) and his lovely fiancé "Anna" (Veronica Carlson) into helping him. And part of his plan involves kidnapping a colleague named "Dr. Brandt" (George Pravda) who has gone completely insane and is locked up in a well-guarded asylum. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this particular movie put Baron Frankenstein in a much more cruel and evil light than any of the other preceding films of the Frankenstein legacy. At least, that is how it seemed to me. Yet, having said that, I thought this sinister depiction actually helped from a horror aspect and Peter Cushing was certainly able to use this diabolical change to his advantage. Likewise, having a beautiful actress like Veronica Carlson certainly didn't hurt this movie in any way either. In any case, I thought that this was a pretty good horror movie and I have rated it accordingly. Above average.

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