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Rosamund Pike as Nikki Gardner
Ryan Gosling as Willy Beachum
Zoe Kazan as Mona
Anthony Hopkins as Ted Crawford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian 7 / 10

Competent Thriller

(Flash Review)

What would you do if you caught your significant other fooling around on the side? I bet it wouldn't be as intricate as what Hopkin's character does! Thus this film is cat and mouse to see if brilliant- minded Hopkins will he be able to get away with his revenge and if Gosling, the successful yet young trial lawyer, can uncover his true actions. The story held your attention despite dragging near the middle, was well acted, had some professional plot reveals yet overall wasn't memorable and moderately formulaic. That being said, it's a quality film for the genre with big name actors. Oh and there was an underdeveloped romantic angle that didn't pass the mustard.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 6 / 10

Suspenseful, but has a disappointing ending

Iv'e heard of this movie before but have never watched it until today, i saw it while i was browsing through the free section of amazon prime video and thought i'd check it out. Fracture is a well-acted movie, it has a clever story line, however some scenarios are a bit far-fetched (example,the cop arresting the suspect just happens to be the guy who is sleeping with the suspect's wife) the first 17 minutes are very suspenseful, the rest of the movie is also suspenseful up until the near ending which is still suspenseful but also predictable, the directing and writing for the end scene is disappointing, we see everything unravel for an hour and fifty something minutes which all builds up to a basic "you decide", these type of endings where they let the viewers decide the outcome is annoying, they're back in court with a new trial and we the viewers have no idea if the suspect will get sent to prison or not, with movies like this it would be better with a simple outcome.

Reviewed by nikkitakatana 3 / 10

Ever watch a film that you thought was quite good?

Only to watch it again a few years later and think, "what a load of nonsense!!" This is definitely one of those films.

I'm almost starting to feel a bit sorry for Rosamund Pike cos I seem to be making a habit of giving low scores to films she's in. But then perhaps she likes being in films with plots that rely on seriously bad police work. And a bad apple that thinks they're way too clever. Did anyone else wonder exactly which accent Anthony Hopkins was meant to be using? Cos there was definitely some Scottish and Irish thrown in with the Welsh along the way. That was very distracting.

Anyway, first time I saw it I thought it was a rather well put together stylish thriller. Second time around it just appears to be a complete slating on the inadequacies of a legal and justice system.

Then again, perhaps I'll watch it again another day and the cops falling for the cons "cons" might all make sense. But somehow I doubt that very much.

A clever thriller should really have at least one really sharp criminal. Not one that's so clever he gets away with it first time only to give the cops all the evidence they need to put him away for a bigger crime later on. And, ideally, cops who can figure out if the murder weapon isn't at the crime scene then they need to eliminate possibilities and do some proper detecting work. And a guy who works his way up to lieutenant has a) no idea on the identity of the woman he's having an affair with and b) manages to get his gun swapped twice in the same day?

With some films, the deeper you look, the bigger the fractures. I think I've probably just talked myself out of giving it a third viewing.

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