Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1663


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Ali Liebert as Muriel Orvis
Michelle Nolden as Well to do lady
Ian Matthews as Mr. Buttinger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hassehaggehansson 3 / 10

Not that good

It starts off pretty good! You've got the girls standing up to the perverts, but really after that it's just women stealing and breaking shit from innocent people (and like 1 bad guy).

The characters feel undeveloped and everyone only has one or two character trait, I know that it's not possible to write a story behind all of the girls but they just needed to focus on some of them! The "main" character legs doesn't come off like a good person in the end she's just manipulative and mean, in the end they show some stuff from the past and you're supposed to feel sorry about Maggie(or whatever her name was) losing legs but legs just wasn't a like able character. This was the problem with all of the characters, you just didn't feel for them! I didn't know anything about the character who killed mr Kellogg's!

Some things felt like they were thrown in there! Like the racism, when they built it up it made me think the the gang would realize that things wasn't like they were supposed to be and that they'd change BUT NO! The black girl just went home! Like what the actual fuck? Now it just feels like it were thrown in there to show that "Oh no racism is bad"! Another thing whitch they just left was the guy gang! When they were shown driving past each other I really thought there would be some fight between the two gangs! Well nothing happened and they just left it there.

(I also don't get the old man because he didn't really do much) Well overall I didn't think it was good but watch it yourself and form your own opinion I'm no professional and it might be right up your alley!

Hasse Hansson 43 Denmark

Reviewed by ready4fun01 2 / 10

2 hours and 15 minutes I'll never get back.

This film was only marginally a really deserved a 1. A few of the actresses were decent some of the time...but overall this was a total waste of film, and a total waste of my time to watch. There was nothing about the plot or the characterizations that made me want to keep going after the first 30 minutes...but I kept persevering, although I should have gone with my first impulses and stopped then. The only thing in the whole movie which wasn't a waste of time was the soundtrack--some good choices of more obscure '50s jump boogie contrasting with the more mainstream pop of the era. As for the more recent music in the movie, I don't have anything good to say about Taylor Kirk except that he seems a Leonard Cohen wannabe. Poor scripting, marginal acting, bad accents...and although I've never read the Joyce Carol Oates book on which it was based, I know now why I don't want to. I've also never seen the earlier movie based on the book, but I certainly saw nothing in this movie that would make me want to watch another crack at the same material. If you have any interest in good filmmaking, don't waste your time watching this trash.

Reviewed by iraz 8 / 10

An excellent film!

I have not read the novel, nor seen the 1996 version, so I cannot base my review on any sort of comparison. Filled with newcomers, this film really surprised me. I was hooked from the first scene and my interest continued for the length of the film. This is a long film, over two hours but it did not feel like it. The performances were outstanding, especially by the actress portraying legs. With so many lousy films and independent attempts that are failures, it was a pleasure to be rewarded with this viewing. I would guess that several promising careers have now begun. Kudos to all involved with the making of this film!

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