Four Christmases


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juneebuggy 4 / 10

A Christmas time waster

This was pretty terrible. The only time I actually laughed was at Vince Vaughn's reaction to the baby puke, the rest was just silly and often painful. Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon play a happily unmarried couple who are forced to spend Christmas with the families of their divorced parents... making that yes, 4 Christmas visits in one day, after their annual vacation getaway falls through and they get caught out on the news at the fogged in San Francisco airport.

These two have zero chemistry together and the entire movie follows a series of generic gags and misunderstandings. E.g., Reese in a bouncy castle with a bunch of bratty kids trying to get her pregnancy test back that she just randomly took (for kicks) in her sisters bathroom. I caught this on TV, I'm glad I didn't spend any money to watch it.

Lots of familiar faces from the parents and extended family helped me get thorough this while at the same time wonder why they were in the movie? All in, nothing special, a Christmas time waster.

Reviewed by Matt Greene 2 / 10

One of the Worst Christmas Movies Ever

A festive holiday explanation of why terrible people have extend their terrible tendencies to then have (probably) terrible children. Other than a couple of funny Vaughn moments (which are nearly as rare as a Santa sighting here), I hated every single moment and non-authentic character in this angry, cynical, mean-spirited, nonsensical, and stupid Christmas cash grab. And as much as I love a good take down of the Evangelical church, that scene is offensive and unfunny in every way possible...I guess it fits right in.

Reviewed by zkonedog 3 / 10

The Continued Dumbing Down Of Comedy

This film has the perfect setup to be a big comes out on DVD over the holidays when (many) people are, after a day or two, trying to get away from the relatives for awhile, and the plot even centers on that same subject matter! Yet, through a multitude of problems, first and foremost being the continued dumbing down of what people must think is funny, it fails to resonate on any level.

Basically, the story sees a couple (played by Reece Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn) trying to escape their holiday family get-togethers due to tension from both sets of parents. However, when their flight to Fiji is cancelled due to fog, they are forced to spend the day at four different homes (both sets of their parents are divorced) celebrating Christmas. They meet a wide variety of odd characters and even begin to drift away from each other once past secrets begin to be revealed.

While that may sound like an interesting concept, it just doesn't get off the group. First, the lead couple, though played by the very competent Witherspoon and Vaughn, are so unlikable that you really can't get drawn into their relationship. In fact, you may actually root AGAINST them as they are so annoying. Secondly, the auxiliary family members that should bring the comedy to the film are, in actually, quite annoying themselves also. Not until the last home do you get a touch of interesting character development, but by then you really don't care anymore.

However, the biggest problem with the entire film is that it relies on far too many sight gags and an over abundance of crude humor. The scenes in the film that should get the biggest laughs involve "Vaughn" falling off a roof, a breast pump, and a baby vomiting. Now I suppose that when it comes to humor it's sort of "to each his own", but personally I feel that resorting to that type of humor is a cheap way to get a chuckle (if that) and doesn't really endear itself to viewers.

Thus, here is the real test of whether or not I found this to be enjoyable whatsoever: After finishing it, I flipped around my cable TV and found two great films on...Father of the Bride and When Harry Met Sally. After just 15 minutes of flipping back and forth between those two, I had more laughs than during the entire 88 minutes of Four Christmases.

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