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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Erin M 10 / 10

"Found." is a stunning, must-see addition to the horror genre.

I waited two years to watch this film, having avidly followed its production and debut on Facebook. I finally received my copy in the mail and it was with some trepidation that I put the DVD into the player. I already had a good idea of what I was in for, so I curled under a blanket and kept my finger on the pause button so that I could stop if I got too overwhelmed. Like Marty riveted by "Headless," however, I found I couldn't look away until the last credits had rolled.

Blood, horror, and decapitation? Oh yes. This film is dripping with truly realistic, grisly effects imagined by a creatively twisted mind. Framing the gory details is a story fueled by socially-charged issues which commonly drive violence in our everyday lives. Racism, bullying, gender identity, sexuality, and family dynamics all play a role in the unfolding events. Through Marty's eyes, we get glimpses into a deeply troubled family whose facade of "normalcy" is swiftly unraveling. Along with Marty we try to understand how such a perfect family has something so rotten at its heart--but the answers don't come easily.

Although a story driven by such serious social themes could run the risk of becoming preachy, Marty's perspective keeps the tone human and grounded. The film doesn't evaluate the issues on behalf of the viewer--the viewer is left to draw his or her own conclusions about what constitutes "horror" and what creates a killer. This aspect of the storytelling may be uncomfortable for those who want the line between good and evil defined with more clarity; but, for me, it's the unsettled questions that have kept this movie in my mind for days after viewing (and will bring me back to watch it again and again).

Technical issues: You may find that some of the character dialogue is a bit muffled. It varies from scene to scene; but didn't interfere with my overall enjoyment of the movie.

Acting: For the most part the actors seemed well suited to their roles, with Shane Beasley (the "Headless" killer) and Gavin Brown (Marty) standing out as the most convincing in my mind. Ethan Philbeck (Steve) and Phyllis Munro (Mom) also put in very strong performances.

Filming: Locations were clearly chosen with great care and attention to detail. Many of the outdoor scenes are beautifully captured, especially the scenes of Marty walking through an overgrown field to the local junkyard. Juxtaposed with scenes of unflinching cruelty and violence, the beauty becomes all the more eerie.

Music: The score, which ranges from heavy metal to instrumental, sets the tone flawlessly.

Overall: On so many levels, this movie is a stunning addition to the horror genre. To everyone involved with making this film: well done. You created a story that I'm not going to get out of my head any time soon.

Reviewed by lochnessx77-119-604937 8 / 10

Disturbing on an extreme level.

I'm going to dive straight into a simple fact about this movie. It will mess with you. At the deep emotional level, this movie will be extremely disturbing to anyone that gives it a chance. This is the type of movie that will stick with you for days, if not weeks. You will be driving to work days after watching it, see a Family walking down the street and wonder what secrets and personal issues they have solely because of this movie. I watched this movie almost 3 weeks ago, and I still find myself disturbed by it. It's not due to gore however.

Although I am confident in saying that even self-proclaimed horror/slasher film buffs will find a few scenes within "Found" extremely hard to watch. The gore isn't overdone or even a focus of the movie at all. When it is done, it is done very very well and is very very disturbing. I never personally get grossed out by film gore. Ever. However in one scene in particular, I seriously paused the film and sat there by myself wondering if I even wanted to continue watching the movie at all. The scenes in which gore isn't involved at all are just as, if not more disturbing than the gory scenes. Watching a 12 year old boy having to face such horrific realizations, all the while dealing with being bullied and having absent parents is disturbing in and of itself.

The acting would be the only reason this film didn't receive a perfect score of 10 from me. As much as I loved this movie and wish this wasn't the case, the acting by the Father is horrible. Luckily for us he doesn't spend more than 2 minutes on screen at a time, and only has a few lines of dialogue throughout the movie.

To sum this up, I'm going to talk about the final 8 or so minutes of this movie(Without spoilers of course). The final 8 minutes of this movie is by far the single most disturbing piece of film I have ever seen, and hope to never see again. Don't get me wrong, I love this movie. The final scene is just... It's indescribably horrific and dark. I genuinely hope I don't watch a movie with a scene that dark in it again for as long as I live.

Go watch it, it's an amazing accomplishment in the World of film. However, consider this review a warning.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 10 / 10

My Review Of "Found" 2012

"found." is Scott Schirmer's dark caveat to what could arguably be the true meaning of horror starring Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless and Alex Kogin. The film follows a young boy who's life is abruptly altered when he discovers his older brother is a budding serial killer. The story delves deep into the nuances of family dynamic like nothing I have ever seen before. Marty is a boy transitioning into his own only to have to deal with bullying, loss of familiarity and the complete and utterly disturbing degradation of family stability. "found." is so much more than a horror story, it is a visual ode to a very deep and personal problem lying unmentioned, ignored or unnoticed within our world of paved pathways that guide us along our daily destinations dotted by manicured lawns and cookie-cutter homes. That problem which Schirmer brutally forces us to notice is the complete and utter break down of family cohesion. That one aspect of life that for many of us is an assumed respite, a place of safety and comfort-home, viciously ripped away to expose a darkness that in this film is unequivocally the birth of evil.

The story plays with you completely from the very beginning. It grabs at your emotional center and squeezes slowly but firmly all the while pushing you to the very edge of tense anguish as felt through the eyes and mind of a child. "found" has done something that so few movies are capable of, it made me reevaluate how I define horror. The characters are so modest and honest that you relate to them in a truly gripping way. It exposes the twisted nature of misguided youth forced to face life with very few answers and nearly absent representation. Then simultaneously placing you head first into racism and bullying. But wait, as if that wasn't enough to make this well defined nightmare affective there is an added element that forces you as a viewer to test your limit of what is acceptable horror. It is a question that people have argued for quite some time- are horror films warping young people? This is truly the first time that I have seen that subject matter carefully and poignantly dealt with in the horror industry in such an honest manner while taking you into some of the most sickest and twisted areas of shock/horror cinema.

In my opinion this is truly a masterful tale of terror that carries a deeper message that needs to be addressed, and manages to do so in a fresh and exciting way. It carries all the emotion of surrealistic art film, complete brutality and gore of a horror film in the most systematically harmonious ways imaginable. There is an element of truth that this story pulsates from that creates an atmosphere so haunting and tragic. The film is held together by a chilling soundtrack that allows the story with all it's components to flow seamlessly. Quite frankly I hope more people than just the horror community experiences this film because although the visuals are graphic the heart of the drama is one that needs to be exposed because the true nightmare of this film is the fact that it could very well be happening in your neighborhood or more disturbingly in your very home. I recommend that everyone who comes across this film-watch it! It is just that powerful. A truly terrifying look into the mouth of madness is what you get with "found."

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