Fort Tilden


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 1172


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Alysia Reiner as Cobble Hill Mom
Reggie Watts as Reggie Watts
Neil Casey as Ebb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sbchurchill 8 / 10

Just Watch It

It's a good movie. Coffee scene alone is worth it. You won't be bummed that you spent time watching it. What more do you want? Okay, so IMDb wants five lines of text or they won't publish my review. I watched it twice to catch certain lines and nuances. Just watch it. It's good. Okay, they need another line of text...

Reviewed by Luca Dryden 9 / 10

The Abyss that is the American Millennial Female

Rarely have I felt such outright rage at fictional characters. Reading over reviews I am stunned and could vomit by the weirdos who found these two characters endearing. They are not sweet or cute or good in any way. One could even deem them as fitting the banality of evil. Who the heck lets kittens drown ? Allie and Harper are basic betches in Brooklyn who don't have a shred of insight. Harper is the slightly worse of pair. The type of person who thinks they're an artist. But they're empty inside. So most people in Brooklyn. Allie is an SJW type , but Luke warm one at best. These two are so completely clueless and awful that it is quite entertaining for most of the movie. When they finally near their destination but are tired and cranky they find adorable, abandoned kittens. Instead of calling it a day and heading some with lovely kittehs, they place them in a deep trash can and continue their mission. Once failing comically to hang out with two guys they met a party, they get a ride home without saving the kittens. Harper shows the faintest hint of responsibility by calling 911 and reporting that there are kittens in a trash can somewhere The concerned 911 operator stops harper from hanging up and begs her help the kittens since it is about to rain and the kittens will drown. Harper blanks out and pretend her phone dies. So any semblance of caring was too weak to manifest. Allie also shows a glimmer of responsibility when she informs her neighbor that the bike she borrowed from him was stolen. Again, one feels that these women are just abortions of humans. There will be no growth. One wishes that the movies ends with the two characters struck by a large asteroid.

Reviewed by Dr_Mark_ODoherty 10 / 10

Interesting, original film - combining comedy and realism in an unusually effective manner

Nowadays there is a trend of portraying protagonists in films as superficial and vapid; and indeed this is the way society seems to be going at the moment; shallowness as a defense mechanism, to cope with today's complex and confusing situations regarding sexuality, courtship, civil unrest, globalization, poverty, violent extremism etc. So no wonder that the new 'elite' of our age - like Harper and Allie - are totally impervious of showing any kind of empathy to the world at large (except a couple of kittens, before ditching them in a trash can) and not learning a thing during their turbulent 10 mile odyssey to Fort Tilden. But this make the movie very plausible - that in reality there is hardly any personality development at all in people. Most people are not Shakespearian figures with great redeeming qualities (unlike the typical Hollywood protagonist), but rather souls like Harper and Allie, being content in their self-centered world and convinced that they are people of the highest integrity, and not seeing any reason to change or reflect. But still, nonetheless, the relationship between the two is quite dynamic, and seems to even thrive due to the challenges they experience on their odyssey; they even become almost likable due to their vulnerability; like the funny scene at the beach when they compete with the two teen-age girls for the affection of the guys by letting their nude breasts hang out in a very unflattering light; ending in Harper's crude attempt of seduction, almost sexually assaulting the guy, who it turns out is still a minor...

Anyway, I cannot recommend this movie highly enough!

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