For the Love of Spock


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by M_Exchange 8 / 10

It's good, but it has obvious flaws.

I just left a screening that featured a Q&A with its director Adam Nimoy. I appreciate that Adam was amazingly candid and honest about his relationship with his father and their history together in the Q&A and in the film. There are issues that I'm having with MY father NOW that I would feel extremely uncomfortable about revealing to anyone, let alone a huge audience. I also love that the film included frank and candid remarks from Leonard Nimoy about his life and his fellow cast members. I really wanted MORE recent interviews with Leonard. As Adam stated during the Q&A, his father was alive for only the first few months of the filming for this documentary. I'm sorry to state that it suffered as a result. There was also far too much "Big Bang Theory" material. No offense to anyone who is on that show, but I didn't really care about their opinions. So the ten(?) minutes that is devoted to them is rather painful.

But aside from these flaws, it was a great way to spend the Star Trek fiftieth anniversary today. Thanks, Adam.

Reviewed by angie-42715 10 / 10

A wonderful documentary about the life of the man who played Spock

This documentary about the life of Leonard Nimoy was entertaining and informative. I thought I knew a lot about the man and his career, but had many "I didn't know that" moments, as I imagine will most Trekkies and other fans. The film focuses on the man and his many diverse achievements, but avoided the false light of perfection, showing Leonard's ability to experience setbacks and grow throughout his life, both professionally and personally. Putting celebrities on pedestals isn't good for us or them and this film avoids doing that. The film is honest in ways that will undoubtedly surprise many. Leonard Nimoy is not synonymous with Spock, but even hardcore Trekkies should enjoy depth of the film and learning more about the man, rather than just the character. A big "bravo!" to Director Adam Nimoy, aka Son of Spock, and his team.

Reviewed by darksummoner1 10 / 10

Simply brilliant...

A touching and well made tribute to an entertainment icon. Adam Nimoy has truly reached deep into his father's, and his own, past experiences to bring to life this crowd funded portrait of the man who gave us the immortal Mr. Spock. Littered with cameos from fellow cast members, directors, fans, conventioneers, and fellow actors, For The Love of Spock is one of the best biographical documentaries I've ever seen, and an essential for the Trek faithful. Not limited to the professional, the younger Nimoy also relates his own experiences at home both as a child and later in their lives. You'll laugh, you'll cry... and perhaps relive some of what made Nimoy beloved to millions.

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