For the Love of Benji


Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Gary Grubbs as Hank
Peter Bowles as Ronald
Ed Nelson as Chandler Dietrich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by writermangp 7 / 10

Cute, Fun Movie, Good for Kids

I enjoyed For the Love of Benji. It was a cute, fun movie. A Good, Clean Family Film by Joe Camp. I actually liked this, the second Benji film, better than the first one. The plot here was pretty much laughable, but Benji movies aren't about that, they're about letting Benji charm. And that he does. A very good performance here by Benji. You'll laugh, but the dog's work is literally better than a Steven Segal performance I had the misfortune of seeing recently. Also, the film has nice music and lots of pretty Greece scenery. It may help to have seen the first Benji to familiarize yourself with some of the characters.

Check it out and Have a Doggone Good Time! (Sorry :)

Reviewed by Amy Adler 6 / 10

If you love cute dogs and want to see a bit of Greece, too, this is a nice film for you

Benji, that adorable dog, is supposed to be in a happier situation after the first film. He is a beloved family member and a pampered pooch. When some family members decide to go to Greece, Benji gets to go along. However, there are doggynappers lurking nearby and Benji is almost seized upon. But, being the brilliant dog that he is, Benji manages to escape their clutches and begin exploring a lovely city in Greece and its surroundings. He helps himself to a bit a Greek pasta at a restaurant and has a close call with a Doberman, among other things. Will he be able to find his way back to his family? If you love dogs and family films, this is a good choice. It is mostly Benji on the loose in Greece, where the scenery is a knockout, and where Benji gets in and out of one scrape after another. There are a few iffy passages, where guns are flashed and Benji is subjected to chloroform. However, this is mostly a little dog on the run in a charming movie. Families everywhere, for the love of Mike and Benji, please locate this one for an entertaining evening of fun for your loved ones.

Reviewed by toni-cooke18 7 / 10

Childhood obsession

I have given this film a 7. My Dad would take me to the video shop once a week and I would, without fail, come home with 'For the love of Benji'

I loved this film and have fond memories of it.

It is clever as it was one of the first films made from a dogs point of view. It showed how intelligent and perceptive dogs are - they know good people from bad people almost instantly.

It also shows how sly, cunning and resourceful they can be when made to fend for themselves.

It did have a few heartstring pulling moments, when Benji is generous with today's spoil.. being separated from loved ones and reunited again.

I think children today would still enjoy this film.. regardless of the amount of running Benji does.

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