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Julianne Hough as Ariel
Miles Teller as Willard
Kim Dickens as Lulu Warnicker
Dennis Quaid as Rev. Shaw Moore
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Reviewed by zapcypher 3 / 10

this movie is awful

Bad music (how was he inspired to do that warehouse routine to whatever that music was? I wasn't inspired to check the soundtrack list. I'm not against using "modern" music, but it needs to sound good and have a dance-able beat!) Julianne Hough seems to be about 30 with her cheerleader-worn voice, over-tan, and strip-pole dance moves (no, dad shouldn't be upset when he comes in the room to find me faux-effing some guy I barely know, who's a different guy than the one I've actually been effing{well, they left that kind of vague in the door-pulled-down scene, and when she was asked point-blank about it}- who appears to be around 30 as well, and she's a high-school student? 17 or 18? Nobody questioned that? potential statutory rape. Or the glossing over of her being beaten by him?) The lead WAS a brat, and I agree with another reviewer, completely unremarkable/memorable. boring! thankfully I saw it on DVD so I could fast-forward a lot, esp. the completely contrived and time-fill scene with the buses etc. on the racetrack. These kids actually WERE misbehaving! not just being screwed by over protective parents. As cheesy as much of it is, see the original instead. There can't be a spoiler because it's an almost complete remake (they barely tried to modernize it!) and because nothing happens.

Reviewed by mike48128 8 / 10

A Fairly Decent Remake Somewhat Updated

Ren and Ariel dance and fall in love in a town where dancing is illegal for minors! It follows the original "Footloose" scene-for-scene in many places but the remake has a lot of energy and the necessary climatic dance scene does not disappoint. Kevin Bacon's charisma in the 1984 original is substituted here for the charisma of Julianne Hough in 2011. Ren's athletic skills as a big-city high school gymnast are again, understated. Basically a "fish-out-of-water" city boy becomes the subject of vicious small town gossip and is blamed for just about everything. He is framed for possessing a "joint" and gets an undeserved bad reputation as a troublemaker. Most entertaining in a "Grease" sort-of-way, including racing action. The critics never get it right and many of the "users" didn't like the remake. It's got a pretty-good soundtrack but in 1984, yeah, it was better. In the original version, there was book-burning, and that stupid idea is thankfully not in the remake. Very good dancing by all and most of it is fun to watch with a bit of overacting here and there. It's actually based on a true-life story about a small town that banned teen-aged dancing after a high school prom tragedy. Most of the film was "made in Georgia" and at realistic-looking locations. Some will argue that a remake was unnecessary as it was a rather "minor" film to begin with. The "box office" was exceptionally good, for a remake.

Reviewed by Sober-Friend 1 / 10

Julianne Hough is just as Bad as Jessica ALba

This film could have been an improvement on the campy original. However it failed once they cast Julianne Hough. She can dance but she can not act.

Sticking closely to the original the film changes Ren from having a mother to being an Orphan. The wreck that was talked about in the original is shown here.

Denis Quaid is not a good choice to laying the preacher. In real life he is known for being a huge drunk with stints in rehab. His own persona overwhelms his part here.

In general this film was just bad from the idea of it to the casting. Julianne Hough needs to take acting classes. Ever since this film she has stunk in "Grease" and "Dirty Grandpa"

I wonder who she is sleeping with?

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