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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 182069


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Will Smith as Nicky
Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga
BD Wong as Liyuan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Strega Granger 5 / 10


This movie will totally make you... unfocused! You might watch the trailer and think: it doesn't look bad, I will give it a try! This is a perfect example of deception. You expect one thing, and you get another, specially if you read the plot summary!! Don't do that, because you will already know half of the movie!! That is what happened to me, I watched the trailer and then read the summary, boy was it a big mistake! While I was watching the movie I was like, when is the thing of the summary happening? Hello! Way half the movie! So if you read it you can skip the first half of the film!! Or you can read mine, which is minute 1 in the movie and find the rest for yourself! Ah! Either way, you will feel like, uh? Where is the plot!!???

Yes, fresh Prince of Bel-Air is in there, but sorry, Mr Smith has been going down since After Earth, really a pity, but he is still a box office caller... So the film might earn some money, specially as the first viewers go to watch it, but then, it will go downwards faster than you can say Grey!! In the film there is al Margot big bad Wolf Street Wolf Robbie, not a bad actress, but she will need something better to show how well an actress she is.

Save yourself some money and go to the zoo! Watching the monkeys sleep will be a better entertainment than watching this movie. BANANA!

Reviewed by bjderb 3 / 10


As good as 7 pounds was , this was that bad absolute rubbish .

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 6 / 10

Will Smith being Will Smith again

There are no truly original heist/con movies left. Not any more, not ever again. But seeing Will Smith be Will Smith again (finally)? That was fun. Here's to fewer alien fighters and more real characters moving forward, Will. That's what movie stardom should look like. Hopefully next time you have a more original story to go with it.

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