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Ashley Judd as Kaitlin
Curtis Armstrong as Mitchell Wolf
Matt Ryan as Gates
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by taita 7 / 10

Echoes of 'Clue' with a slow start.

I came into this knowing nothing about it apart from a brief on-screen description. The opening credits gave a clue as to the tone of the story with the cartoons of odd bodies and strange happenings which reminded me a lot of the Pink Panther opening credits. The start was a bit confusing and didn't grab straight away. But as the story evolved I was reminded very much of the movie Clue with all the different characters with who knows what secrets. Its silly, black and funny, and although I wasn't rolling in the aisle it was still an entertaining little movie recommended for light relief.

Reviewed by celseren 5 / 10

You know what they say. Normal's just a cycle on the washing machine!

Flypaper starts off as a bank heist/crime whodunit, with a cast of unique characters & intriguing plot twists. 2 teams of bank robbers come to the same bank at the same time for different heists, the professionals come to steal from the vault and the amateurs are there to steal from the ATM machines. But unfortunately it falls a little flat and has a predictable ending.

It does have one or two little surprises along the way; such as what happens to Darrien (Mekhi Phifer), that is something I simply was not expecting.

I generally like Ashley Judd, but this was a nothing role for her. She is completely forgettable as the bank teller Kaitlin. Patrick Dempsey on the other hand is over the top as Tripp a bank customer who is caught up in the heist and tries to sleuth his way through the situation whilst hitting on Kaitlin every chance he gets. His character is annoying & sort of neurotic. On the plus side he did manage to shake off his Grey's persona as he is not McDreamy like AT ALL in this film.

Reviewed by bajizs0911 1 / 10

Very boring

If you want to waste your time, let's watch this awful movie. There is not a big story with terrible casts. The director want to make some funny moments, but I think these moments become awkward. In the end of the movie they want to show us a knack in the story line. Simple looks like a wrong scenario. At all I can say if I need to pay to watch this movie in the cinema I would was very nervous because it is a worthless something whatever I saw. I felt like to see this in the television a weekdays. The TV set in the midnight and I do not want to go to bad so this is the only reason to watched this. Never again. I have got only one question. The producers why not watch what they sponsored, or they spent little amount of money and they did not care about box office?

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