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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
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James Franco as Blaine Rawlings
Martin Henderson as Reed Cassidy
Philip Winchester as William Jensen
Jean Reno as Capt. Thenault
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sbohdan 3 / 10

There were no black pilots in WW II

I just hate when a movie is used to falsify history. This one is another one in a row. Triplanes were used only in the late stage of the war and only few - not so many as depicted here. There were also absolutely no blacks serving as pilots in WW I! Non. Yet here we have one and it is almost as annoying, then seeing a black knight or duke in a midieval story! Don't waste your time on garbage like that!

Reviewed by Ian 5 / 10

Average Execution of an Interesting Topic

(Flash Review)

Based on a true story, before WWI begins, a bunch of Americans volunteer to be fighter pilots for the French military and learn to master these early aviation machines and battle the Germans. The movie brings a typically eclectic bunch of characters, based on real people to some degree, and create partially flushed out characters from them. The movie shows how the pilots were trained to fly these plans as well as how to prepare for combat. There are several fairly exciting battles in the sky but after a while tend to get a bit redundant. There is also a true romantic story line to compliment the battles. Overall, it was average but the director failed to dramatically engage the viewer with the characters to evoke true emotions for them mostly because the drama is very cliché and been there done that many times before. A better example of this subject can be found almost 100 years earlier with Wings (1922).

Reviewed by dfwesley 6 / 10

Entertainment at a price

I read some of critical reviews and agree with much of the commentary. Historical inaccuracies regarding the airplanes and various dog fighting sequences reduce the enjoyment of the film. On the other hand, maybe ignorance is bliss. Knowing too much historical detail is a handicap in this production. Disregarding the type and performance of fighter planes, and some of the other criticisms, the viewer should be able to find some enjoyment here.

I for one, am mostly interested in the battle scenes, and like many critics, found disappointing errors there. It made me miserable to see somebody shooting another pilot, in flight, with a handgun. Before machine guns came into use rifles or pistols were used, but quickly became passe. From what I read it had been almost impossible to hit anything that way. The battle scenes seemed more lengthy and detailed than in DAWN PATROL and BLUE MAX, but not as effective. In addition, those two movies were better plotted and more engrossing.

Take this movie for what it is, not what it tries to be.

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