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Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard
Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds
Wil Wheaton as Bennett Hoenicker
Clancy Brown as Smith
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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7 / 10

Fun Mainly For The Kids

This was a fun remake of "The Absent-Minded Professor," with special-effects the main show here. We see and hear the following impossible things: inanimate objects become human (with feelings, no less!) and a flying computer called "Weebo." Obviously, this is just a far-off story designs only for laughs (I know one person who actually took some of this stuff seriously.)

Despite a bowling bowl repeatedly hitting someone in the head, it's a fairly harmless movie with no language problems, which is a rarity in a Robin Williams film. Robin is the "absent- minded professor," in this "Dr. Philip Brainiard." You can call him, "Dr. Phil." There are one or two sneaky-vulgar lines but nothing much.

With the flubber-substance making balls bounce forever, into every object, you get a lot of slapstick scenes that are either stupid or laugh-out-loud funny. The story, geared a lot more for kids than adults, has a nice lighthearted feel to it. For adults, one viewing is plenty, but kids will enjoy it multiple times.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

Flying Rubber

Disney got Robin William's who became popular in the 1990s with family entertainment films to remake the The Absent Minded Professor. Popular with kids at the time mainly because it was co- written by John Hughes who put some of his Home alone slapstick formula with two comedy henchman played by Ted Levine and Clancy Brown.

William's discovers discovers some kind of flying rubber which may save his college which is in a financial crisis. So excited he is with his invention that he forgets his wedding day for the third time. Why his bride to be could not make sure that in case he forgets, he is accompanied by two people to drag him to the church on time is anyone's guess.

His girlfriend who also happens to be the College Dean gets the attention of a love rival and a mobster wants the formula for flubber and sends his henchman to retrieve it.

Williams is assisted by an Artificial Intelligent flying robot called Weebo which strangely is not marketed by Williams to save the college.

The film is knockabout slapstick squarely aimed at kids and they will appreciate it the most. Adults will find the film too silly, flawed and simplistic.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 2 / 10

Too much potential badly tapped.

In my opinion, this is one of the most discreet and little-known films of Robin Williams' career, despite having had a lot of publicity and media coverage when it debuted. It tells the story of a distracted scientist who creates a gelatin-like green substance that has a life of its own and can solve the world's energy problems. In the midst of all this, his robotic helper falls in love with him and ruins his marriage. The story of the movie starts from an original idea, but it has many flaws and gigantic plot holes. Robin Williams looks good in the main character, although he does not look very motivated. The actor's tone is much warmer and lazier than usual. Flubber, as a character, was absurdly underutilized in the film, even considering the brilliant musical scene made with this character. The nature of the substance "Flubber" is never clarified, nor is it really alive. Weebo, the assistant of the scientist played by Williams, ends up becoming the most complete character of the film, with a strong dramatic and psychological depth and well-made humor moments. The villains are good as comic elements but they also were not very developed as characters. All this harms the film a lot and causes adults to reject it altogether whereas the children, for whom the film is clearly directed, merely laugh at their jokes. We can conclude that this film is a succession of very positive and promising elements that failed because they were not exploited in the best way. Maybe that's why the movie was never a success. It simply did not stay in the memory of that generation and eventually slipped into oblivion over the years.

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