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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 72187


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Rebecca De Mornay as Patsy Loski
Stefanie Scott as Dana Tressler
Penelope Ann Miller as Trina Baker
Madeline Carroll as Juli Baker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by srikanna421 10 / 10

A Trend Setting Romance For All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually, I do a lot of research before starting a TV show or a movie. I had no idea what the movie was about before I saw it the first time. Went blindly for it putting my complete faith on my sister's recommendation which mostly would be great. And then it was altogether a heavenly feel. Was a bliss, every dialogue and the importance of each character and the emotional touch that binds everything together has been done brilliantly. It never happens but I loved the movie so much that I saw it twice back to back without a break. Most movies have a fixed plot but the drama is a genre where the director can explore things way beyond the story and give serious importance to granular emotions. This kid love story is no way lesser than the masterpiece trilogy "Before Sunrise....". This is one of the best feel-good movies that anyone would love irrespective of age and taste. It sometimes feels like the IMDb that once was alive before 6 years is completely messed up now. There is no correct way to differentiate good movies from the bad ones when the superhero movies usually get 7 and above rating. This one should definitely be an 8 pointer and above, also surely deserves a strong place in TOP 250 when "Inside Out" can be in.

Reviewed by ElliesWonder 8 / 10

Boys and girls inequality in mental maturity

An unusual romantic story, finally there is a fresh good one different from Hollywood's 'sickness porn' - rebellious teenagers either love bad or love vampire, mystery. This puppy love definitely refreshed my eyes! Their warm heartening love was developed with logic, the flipped went with the flow, it has nothing like a crazy drama. Yet this romantic story still captured my eyes with its heartwarming moments.

Besides the movie storyline, this movie really shows the difference between boys and girls inequality in mental maturity. I remembered I watched a video about an experiment, tester made some terrible taste juice and asked kids' options with a guilty face because of her terrible cooking skills; the experiment reflects the difference between boys and girls in young age 3-5 years old. Boys would honestly speak the truth of nasty taste, yet girls would show their compassion in young age, they would try to comfort the tester that her drink wasn't too terrible at all. That experiment was interesting, it just shows that girl naturally has better social skills development compared to the boy.

Therefore Juli started her consciousness in age 7, and experienced some thoughtful thoughts about the "complete painting view" in her young age, and in the same age arrange, the boy, Bryce Losk just flipped. Luckily Bryce found the good of Juli, and hold her hands at the end.

Reviewed by pmomailme-49635 9 / 10

Boy meets girl from age 8 to 14

Bryce is the new kid in town and the girl, Juli, across the street has a severe crush on him. She pursues him tirelessly and he continually rebuffs her. This is a great piece of scripting, directing and editing, as you see significant events between the two twice. Once through the eyes of each with often different recollections. The younger Juli is played charmingly by Morgan Lily. The older one, around 13-14 played by Madeline Carroll steals the show. Carroll has true acting chops and one would hope that there will be opportunities for her in Hollywood. Callan McAuliffe is an absurdly handsome young man as Bryce, Juli's obsession. He conveys Bryce's feelings well and he takes you back to that age convincingly. He is a confused adolescent, trying to fit in and please everybody. The rest of the cast is first-rate led by old pro John Mahoney of "Frazier" as Bryce's grandfather. Juli's parents are played nicely by Aidan Quinn and Penelope Ann Miller. Bryce's mom is Rebecca DeMornay and his unlikable dad is played well by Anthony Edwards. How nice to see a movie with characters I care about. A nice little yarn.

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