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Matt Bomer as Eric
Sean Bean as Captain Rich
Jodie Foster as Kyle Pratt
Peter Sarsgaard as Carson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supermaggie 10 / 10

Great movie, and who considers it illogical / exaggerated, is the proof of the realism of the plot

If one reads the negative reviews, it often says: tastes are different and logical plot holes etc.- well, I can only say: fates are different, and correspondingly ignorant and arrogant is some people's behavior. The people who think the movie is unbelievable are usually the ones who trust the bombers / blackmailers / liars and applaud them (they are not always bombers, but they are, for example, spiritual instigators and more often than not money is their goal as well) and the victims who do know the truth, they do not believe them, they disrespect and even blame them and make their life a torment. This is happening every day, and only the ignorant / arrogant / inexperienced and naive, who have always been lucky and have never experienced suffering and lack of respect and lack of support and never really had to fight hard, deny this - and they think their happiness is their own achievement alone - ha ha, how nasty and blind can people be (it is exactly these people who never had to struggle). And that this film addresses and shows this phenomenon is a success of its own, and in addition there is the always fantastic talent of Jodie Foster, and an extremely suspenseful production. And if you bash this film, but like Non-Stop then your hypocrisy is even more obvious, because Non-Stop has clearly stolen much from Flightplan and also shows the pain and the powerlessness and stress when you know you know/speak the truth, but you are being manipulated in such a way that nobody believes you - the only main difference between these two movies is: Non-Stop is slightly heavier on the action-side and Flightplan slightly more on the drama-side, but both movies are fantastic, but if I have to pick one: I choose the female power of Jodie.

Reviewed by spideryaman 1 / 10

I thought it was decent..

At 1st, I was enjoying it to some point, and then, things started to go downhill, when we reached the part of stereotyping Arabs, I told myself "that's it, I'm bouncing" but since I already paid for this nonsense, I forced myself to finish it, I went to sleep afterwards contemplating about my choices in life, boy was it a fun night...

Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 7 / 10

Your FLIGHTPLAN for Transporting You to 2 Hours of Turbulent Family Fun!

........................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, Colombia & ORLANDO, FL

If you are among the millions of people who enjoy films with Jodie Foster… We have good news!.... Ms. Foster really takes off in this entertaining cinematic offering in the sky! A good deal of time has passed since we saw her in Panic Room (2002), but for my taste, this FLIGHTPLAN proves itself as an even better vehicle to showcase her talent. The movie demonstrates similitude to a Hitchcock thriller from the golden age of Hollywood, both in style and in its storyline development. Guaranteed to keep you in respiratory crisis almost from start to finish! In the role of Kyle Pratt, aircraft engine engineer and mother of 6 year old Katerina, Foster shows tremendous range of nuanced emotion, in a performance that easily could have given her a fifth Oscar nomination. FLIGHTPLAN has a very smooth take-off, but does not take long to encounter serious turbulence.

Shortly after boarding an international flight, Kyle falls asleep, with her daughter alongside her. Upon waking, she discovers that Katerina, apparently, has disappeared without leaving so much as the slightest trace! Progressively, Jody Foster shows us an entire catalog of emotions. Concern and nervousness, followed sequentially by frustration; anguish and despair; then confusion and guilt; which ultimately give way to stoic resignation and unsettling doubts about her own sanity. The primary secret of FIGHTPLAN's success is that it enables the viewer to experience some of these emotions simultaneously right along with its lead character.

Unfortunately, there is one black hole in the skies of FLIGHTPLAN. It's the kind of vacuum that prevents a "good" movie from being an absolutely phenomenal one! Without flying into any spoilers by divulging anything specific as to the identity of the on board bad guy(s), I will share the following with you: The team responsible for creating FLIGHTPLAN, in an extremely odd and inexplicable decision, chose not to reveal the slightest clue as to any of the background, history, formation, training, experience, MOTIVATION (outside of the $$$), previous or present internal conflicts, mental state and developmental thought processes of the villain(s)!

This lapse is even more striking when contrasted with the background provided for protagonist Jodie Foster's character, Kyle, whose personality is meticulously constructed, with deliberation and great attention to detail. Because of this, the bad guy(s) end-up projecting a kind of "Terminator-Light" image, seemingly lifted straight out of a comic book, thusly rendering the viewer totally indifferent to their intervention or plight in the film! The cast of FLIGHTPLAN, in general, submit solid and credible portrayals. Peter Sarsgaard, a veteran actor who has participated in numerous films, but who always has remained a bit under the radar in Hollywood, appears in a supporting role. His part is the most important one after Ms. Foster's. Sarsgaard's interpretation of a "Marshall" (a kind of national airways police) seems somewhat enigmatic and secretive.

Bess Wohl, who plays daughter, Katerina, has not had much on-screen experience, but is competent in her role as innocent child victim. As the pilot, we have Sean Bean, in a refreshing change of pace role. Most certainly recognizable owing to his turns as villain in several high profile films. He is quite convincing as the crew chief who gradually loses patience with a passenger who proves to be simply too problematic.

In 2005, few films managed to stay on top of box office for two consecutive weeks. This distinction is well-deserved in the case of FLIGHTPLAN, which was assigned a "PG -13" rating. It seems a great option for families with children over 8 or 9. For small kids, especially if they might feel anxious about a little girl forcibly abducted from her mother, do a pre-screening 7.5*....ENJOY/DISFRUTELA! Any comments , questions or observations, in English or Español, are most welcome!

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