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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zombizombizombi 8 / 10

flesh eater rocks!!!

Now this is no night of the living dead but what it is its fun great zombiploitation if you will.Starts off with some young people on a hayride going to drink beer and have some fun.This tractor riding dude unearthed zombie bill hinzman than all hell breaks loose lots of gore nudity and sleaze exploitation for sure the DVD is wonderful media blasters do a great job with their product and this is a fin example.If your a fan of zombies exploitation and cheesy 80s cinema buy this!Also its a zombie movie that happens to be set on Halloween sweet and yes the movie is somewhat of a rip off of the original night of the living dead but who cares its exploitation and its mighty entertaining.

Reviewed by shproductions 10 / 10


This movie is one of the best independent zombie flicks. There are a lot of zombie movies which stretch the basic elements of zombie horror and this one doesn't. It sticks to the good old fashoned plot and form that was started by "Night of the Living Dead". I enjoy this film every time I watch it. Keep your eyes peeled for the up coming DVD release.

Reviewed by NateW 4 / 10

An alright gore flick

This is another film in the long line of killer zombie rip-offs since Night of the Living Dead. This movie is not bad, but it doesn't have near the impact that the Living Dead series created by George Romero. The acting is very lame, and it's pretty predictable, but the gore makes up for it, kind of. The movie could have used some suspense along the line also. All in all, an alright zombie flick

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