First Kill


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 4329


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Bruce Willis as Howell
Charlotte Kirk as News Anchor
Tamara Belous as Waitress
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mk57 3 / 10

I couldn't take more than 32 minutes.

Apologies, but 32 minutes was about all I could manage and even then, that was almost 30 minutes too much. Hayden was wooden from the off and every additional character only added to this wood-fest. The dialogue is truly awful and the non-connection between the family makes it impossible to believe they have ever spent more than a couple of minutes together. Willis must've done this for the money only. His Donald Trump way of speaking, that is making your mouth like a tiny butthole, just looks silly and was neither brooding or menacing. The music is very intrusive and does nothing to help out the obvious plot. Boy, does the whole thing drag! This is a movie worth crossing the road away from the Cinema for. Mind you, if you want unreal dialogue and acting this is for you.

Reviewed by TdSmth5 2 / 10

Just Awful

Somebody breaks into someplace presumably for a black bag. Some Wall Street big shot (oh yeah, we're all going to root for this guy) who looks like he's 16 is told that his son is being bullied, so he takes the family on a trip out to the small town he's from.

Then he takes his son hunting, because, uh, killing an animal is going to make a man of him? Well, they end up witnessing two guys arguing, one of them tosses a key, then the other guy shoots him. When the shooter sees the kid running around he turns to shot him so Wall Street shoots the guy. Turns out he is a cop. No matter, Wall Street decides to take the other guy, who's only injured, back to his place so the wife can heal him. Huh? Yeah. The guy does recover and takes the kid hostage back to his place. There he bonds with the kid. Wall Street in the meantime has to come up with stories for the cops. Then he finds the key and goes to the hostage-takers place where the main cop finds him. Now both go to the place where the exchange will take place--the black bag for the kid. And there everything will be resolved after a couple of surprises.

I can't even get myself to write a summary of this mess of a movie, which was almost painful to watch. We are asked to put up with so much nonsense and ridiculous stuff. This movie is complete amateur-hour but with a budget. Sure, somewhere there was an idea. But the writer's lack of experience comes across very quickly. This movie seems to be one of those that underwent countless re-writes by different people struggling for control--except it isn't one of those movies. I appreciated the fact that a coupe of the Southern characters weren't actually the really bad guys here, for a change. But I didn't appreciate this habit they have in movies of not naming the male young characters. As always the dad calls his son "kiddo," "kid," buddy" but never by his name. Who in the last 70 years talks like that to his son? Direction, too, is a mess. And don't be fooled by that action-movie marketing. It really isn't. It's more of a drama thriller. And a poor one at that.

Reviewed by culebrapeak 7 / 10

Second Half Very Good - First Half Good After You Understand

Okay, this was not one of Bruce Willis' shining moments ... forget the Nakatome Building, or whatever it was.

But, this is a decent movie. It was obviously a collaboration among a gaggle of movie and production companies, presumably so they could afford Willis.

No spoilers here, but the seemingly irrational behavior of the main character in the first half, will later seem rational based upon what's learned in the second half. I was glad I didn't doze off or let the WTF reaction stop me from making it to round two.

If they'd had any nuance at all in early character development, this would have a "great" movie. But, don't let all the negative press (esp Rotten Tomatoes) stop you from watching it. The sheer irony of round two is worth the watch.

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