Fire with Fire


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 22587


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Rosario Dawson as Talia Durham
Bruce Willis as Mike Cella
Vincent D'Onofrio as David Hagan
Bonnie Somerville as Karen Westlake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David C. Bohn 1 / 10

Waste With Waste

Muddled and confusing, plodding and slow-moving. Airhead children becoming accidental heroes. Bruce Willis is totally wasted. Not as much as in 'Cold Light Of Day', and 'Extraction', for he has a lot more screen time, but his character could be eliminated from this script, and no one would notice. Can't believe he did this movie. And, Willis is not the only thing wasted. I wasted 97 minutes of my precious time watching it. The only thing positive I can say about it is that Vincent D'Onofrio is good actor. It takes a good actor to make one hate his character, and he did that very well, though he, too, is far above this garbage. Avoid it at all costs!!

Reviewed by Leftbanker 1 / 10

New Highs in Lows

¡Spoilers! So the guy makes a mad dash out of the convenience store running for his life. He runs a few blocks in a very circuitous route. He gets shot, falls, and his friends are in a car to actually see him fall? That is some lazy writing. How does that happen? OK, maybe you think this isn't a big deal but who would write that? Vinnie Jones? Can we please, please never see him in another movie ever again? It's obvious that they had something of a budget to work with so how could it be some unbelievably bad? Wasn't anyone involved paying attention enough to realize that they were making such a load? Making a bad guy completely evil doesn't add to tension; it turns the story into a comic book.

I'm actually one of the few reviewers who appreciated the subdued role that Bruce Willis has in the film. His face-to-face with D'Onofrio made no sense at all.

The ending was a Chinese Downhill. Stupid with lots of explosions and fighting, and the girl screaming "Jeremey!" at the top of her lungs, and stuff burning, and bad guys going up in flames, and maybe love.

Wow, if this is the kind of script that gets made I wouldn't want to see the rejects.

Reviewed by kennethraine 7 / 10

lost potential

Like a film made with two directors, the good one goes for a coffee the less capable one takes over. You have a mix of electric brutal well staged violence mixed with slow poorly put together, comically inappropriate scenes. The start in the store is poorly staged, and you think, who would do it this way, except a geek volunteering for 99yrs on death row. The villain Hagan, played by the totally unconvincing Vincent D'onofrio [ one of the worst actors in the film, to be kind maybe he was miscast] had no impact. Another scene with Josh and Rosario as sitting targets to a snipers telescopic rifle, sees them dancing about like sitting ducks at 250yds while she returns fire with a pistol, suicide jockey doesn't come near. Bruce pro-cameo where's the pay check Willis was totally unnecessary, his scene in the warehouse where he fronts Hagan does blah blah then exits kicking the s--t out of a gunzle on the way, he saunters out with his back to about six gorillas armed to the teeth, who do nothing unrealistic? cool? pointless? you choose its in there. The torture at the table brilliant and brutal, but reluctant heroes throwing up, no especially firemen, they go through everything, just a whispered "Its not like me" would have elicited an audience smirk. The best scene? The utterly brilliant interaction between Josh and Richard Schift under the sprinkler, acting direction, meaning, dialogue, worthy of the absolute best. The finish was also very good. The inconsistencies were irritating, the good bits surprisingly good. Well worth a watch you'll say "if only" but overall you should enjoy it.

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