Fire from Below


Action / Adventure

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Alex Meneses as Reign Palmer
Kevin Sorbo as Jake Denning
Glenn Morshower as General Cook
James Hampton as Griffith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Get some water too.

The Drake Mining Company is set to make a fortune with discovery of isotope L6 while deep cavern mining. The problem with L6 is that it is explosive with water and seeks out wet items such as people, even people on top of a lake of water...just saying. Only Keven Sorbo, now a seismologist, can save Nevada...or wherever.

This is a formula disaster film, one of the lesser quality and lesser known films of prolific writer Jim Wynorski. It barely keeps you engaged.

Reviewed by Andy Van Scoyoc 6 / 10

VERY poorly acted, but I enjoyed it...

As an Environmentalist, I appreciate the story,the lesson and the warning about man's continued meddling with Mother Nature, when we'd be better off leaving things alone.

Neat concept, good special effects, and let's just hope something like this is never possible.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Another B-movie stinker from Jim Wynorski

FIRE FROM BELOW is a rubbishy disaster movie with a rubbishy story and some very bad script writing. Unsurprisingly, it was directed by Jim Wynorski, a man not known for the quality of his productions, although Andrew Stevens (the actor from '70s fare such as THE FURY) also plays a big part as producer and co-director and has a cameo as a TV journalist to boot.

The film sees a band of miners accidentally hitting a vein of liquid fire which has the ability to react with the air and cause some truly explosive disasters. Cue various scientists as they end up racing around the country and trying to figure out a way to stop the disaster from escalating. Inevitably there's a ruthless businessman trying to cover it all up. There are a couple of good CGI scenes here of the fire snaking through the air before attacking its victims, with the speedboat chase being my favourite moment, but for the most part this is a bore.

Inevitably some extraneous characters find themselves trapped underground and have to be rescued. Kevin Sorbo shows up as the hero and looks tired and stressed in equal measure. Maeghan Albach plays his girlfriend but the two stars share zero chemistry and she's a rubbish actress to boot. Alex Meneses, who is brought in for glamour value, is much better and should have had a more prominent role. B-movie actor Alex Cord shows up as a military character. That is all.

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