Finding Dory


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 194743


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Idris Elba as Fluke
Bill Hader as Husband Fish
Allison Janney as Peach
Diane Keaton as Jenny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marajuniper 9 / 10

Loved it through and through

My two year old loves the characters, the flow, the voices, the drama, and the feel good aspects. What else do you want?

Reviewed by UrAverageMovieCritic 8 / 10

Don't believe in the negative reviews!

And yet again the critics are here with the most ridiculous reasons on why this movie is bad.

Who would've thought that someone had been turned off by this movie because it was too realistic?? WTH??

Oh and we can't forget the typical "I hate this movie because they got the science wrong" excuse.

It's a kids movie FFS, not everything should be portrayed realistically, nor should it be taken seriously, seriously. That one review here about the movie offending orphans is an example of someone taking this movie way too seriously.

Anyways, I actually never had the intention of watching this movie but I was bored so I gave it a shot, and it really exceeded my expectations. This movie is about grabbing onto every last bit of hope and aspiration and never letting go of it. This movie also emphasizes the moral importance of friends and family. At heart, this movie portrays all sorts of kindhearted and altruistic morals which I believe is what everyone needs every now and then, whether you're a kid or an adult.

Also this is the second movie I have seen with Thomas Newman as the soundtrack composer. Newman definitely hit my feels in this movie and -- to be honest -- is probably the main reason why I liked this movie so much. His idiosyncratic style fills this movie with a truly unique and sentimental and almost idyllic feeling, something that I exactly wanted at the time of watching this movie.

Overall 8/10.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 7 / 10

A sequel that worked...but not well enough

Perhaps it is unfair to compare any movie to "Finding Nemo," even its sequel. The heavy reliance on flashbacks and homages to the first film really hampered this story, especially over a sluggish first act. There was definitely momentum, though, all the way to a (second) funny and fantastic finale. I laughed out loud throughout. Sequels rarely live up to their predecessors - and this film is no exception - but it did work, thanks in part to great performances and the usual Pixar creativity.

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