Final Destination


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 203562


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Ali Larter as Clear Rivers
Seann William Scott as Billy Hitchcock
Devon Sawa as Alex Browning
Brendan Fehr as George Waggner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Barky44 8 / 10

Quite good for a teen slasher flick

I really liked this movie. It's probably one of the better teen slasher flicks to ever hit the screen.

Let's face it: teen slasher flicks are not outstanding cinema. The writing is always lame, the plots are even lamer, they're usually vehicles for the latest trends in fashion and music and showcases of the heartthrob and/or bombshell-of-the-month. They're really just vehicles for post-pubescent hormonal stimulation.

But "Final Destination" is different. First, it has real imagination going for it. The plot is unlike your typical "madman in the corn chases teenage bombshell through puddles," it actually took some thought to put this together. It's not just shock-factor movie-making, they actually sat down and outlines how all the deaths would work in a way that keeps the plot alive. A tale of kids trying to cheat death's design is much harder to write than a dude with a chainsaw.

Then there's the death scenes themselves. Outstanding! I love a clever death scene in movies like this ... it's why you pay the $8! And these are some doozies. You can tell the filmmakers sat around for hours simply trying to find the coolest way to kill people. And if you have a sick mind (like yours truly), you'll find these death scenes simply hysterical! A really good movie. 8 out of 10. I'm giving it a high score because it's outstanding within it's genre.


Reviewed by aaronsaltzer 9 / 10

Great and apparently mysterious

I thought the movie was great. The part that was mysterious to me was Alex's survival. He said no one intervened with his death, which would've left his survival a miracle considering the police couldn't find a pulse when resuscitating him.

Reviewed by wjb7221975 7 / 10

not a review, but comment on incorrect "fact"

Alex picks up a rusted fishing hook and says "tetanus", which is wrong. Plain rust does NOT cause tetanus. Tetanus is caused by a bacteria commonly found in horse manure. So unless that hook was contaminated by horse manure containing the tetanus bacteria...NO tetanus! lol

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