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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 6 / 10

OK Scottish crime 'dramedy' - if you like 'Trainspotting', you'll like 'Filth', but Guy Ritchie's British crime films are much more enjoyable in my opinion.

'Filth' is Irvine Welsh's second novel turned into a film, after 'Trainspotting'. I actually wasn't aware of this when I watched the film, but it was very obvious throughout and is quite similar in many regards - not least because it's set in Scotland and the main character is a junkie who keeps making bad decisions.

It's billed as a "comedy" - and it has moments that are funny - but it's definitely not comedic. McAvoy plays Inspector Bruce Robertson, who is climbing the ladder of cocaine addiction (as depicted by the film's poster) to try and get a promotion. It's just that it turns out a lot of his "games" and ambitions are delusions and hallucinations. This makes some of the film a little like trying to solve a puzzle, although it's clear that his family are not actually there from the start.

While there's still a few "what the?!" moments, you do have a bit of empathy for McAvoy, even though he treats his one friend, Bladesey (Marsan), terribly. The soundtrack throughout is excellent, even the cover of Radiohead's 'Creep', which is hard to pull off. The "mystery" is solved near the end and the final scene is fitting - hopeful and heartbreaking, all at once.

Reviewed by bizzywiththefizzy 9 / 10

Dirty, naughty, hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking

I came late to this and saw it when it was on Film 4.

I was recently amazed by James McAvoy's performance in 'Split' and already adored him as a young Professor X.

Seriously, if you haven't seen 'Split', you really should.

'Filth' is not for the faint hearted, and is prime fodder for 'Outraged of Halifax' in the Daily Mail comments section.

It's a fun ride, like a manic episode can be (I have bipolar and some things felt far too familiar) but then things become tragic, as the depressive phase tends to be. I'm still a little bit miffed about the slightly OTT portrayal of bipolar disorder - it's not a totally accurate account of the illness (hence 9 stars, not 10) - but it's nice to see someone at least try to explore it.

The denouement had me sobbing like a 'little bitch with a skinned knee', to quote Jay from 'Dogma' (also a wonderful film you should watch immediately) and the very end was when I really started blubbing.

As a Scot and a bipolar type 1, this felt a little too close to home and that's why I adore it. I'm going to be re-watching this as much as I re watch 'Evil Dead 2' and 'Titanic' - yes, I love 'Titanic'. What of it?

Reviewed by ArT_of_InSaNiTy 8 / 10


I left the cinema speechless; i normally try to critique and discuss the film straight after, but i was speechless. It was the craziest film i have seen in a long time. It takes boundaries and tells them to f*** off. There are no restrictions with this film. There is brutality, sexism, racism, oppression, homophobia. It is polluted with prejudice. But i thought it was a great film. Am i part of those worldly problems? No. But let's face it, this is unfortunately the way the world is and all this film is doing is showing you just how filthy this world can be.

James McAvoy is a revelation as Detective Bruce Robertson; i really didn't see all the fuss with him. Yes he was good in "The Last King of Scotland", but the rest of the films i just couldn't match the hype to the actor, then i went to see "Trance" and i was blown away by his performance. And if it weren't for seeing that i probably wouldn't have been half as eager to see this. Because he showed the ability to portray more than one character in a film; someone who is both fragile and unstable. With "Filth" he excels beyond that and gives his best showing of his young career. He conveys every emotion, from bitterness, to regret, to sadness, to rage, to insanity and he conveys them extremely convincingly. It is a masterclass of acting.

Some may be easily offended, and if you are usually like that, i would avoid seeing the film. But if you want to face the World and its obvious problems head on (in the form of a film) then it is an outstanding film to do so.

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