Fifty Shades of Black



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 15106


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Jane Seymour as Claire
Marlon Wayans as Christian
Kali Hawk as Hannah
Mircea Monroe as Becky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shadow_blade-89459 6 / 10

Funny but, not Hilarious

"Fifty Shades of Black" (2016) is an entertaining film. The story is a direct parody of "Fifty Shades of Grey" where college student, Hannah Steele played by Kali Hawk, falls for unorthodox billionaire, Christian Black played by Marlon Wayans, but his sexual practices put a strain on what could become a beautiful relationship. The story is there for what could have been a heavy dose of comedy, but it doesn't seem to mesh well as the film could have.

The director, Michael Tiddes known for over the top comedies like "A Haunted House" (2013), stayed true the style of comedy. Ever comedic take had funny laced in the dialogue or visuals and then amplified to drive it home. Occasionally it was a bit much. The music that filled most of the film was very intertwining and relatively spot on but, there were a few lapses in the sound department. Some of the voice-overs missed the mark and took away from the film. Overall, it was just OK but, still an enjoyably film.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 3 / 10

A very bad "comedy"

An apparently filthy rich guy meets a poor but attractive young girl, eager for a new and more interesting life. This new person that enters her life is about to show her a part of fetishism and fantasy that she never thought about before.

It's an ordinary comedy inspired directly from "50 Shades of Grey" and seems to take the parody part to the extreme. It simply makes fun of everything portrayed in the original movie, without any shame (which could be a good thing), but unfortunately without any sense of fun. It tries desperately to make you laugh but as it happens with every single movie that does this, it fails miserably. You struggle to find a couple of funny scenes, laughter being something rare in this one although it's supposed to be a full-time comedy. The plot is not something to take into account as well as all the characters from this so called movie.

It's not a disappointment because didn't have high expectations regarding it but it is without any doubt a very bad movie from every point of view, something from which you should run, far, far away.

Reviewed by McIntyross 1 / 10

Like gazing into the abyss

Can a film cause physical pain? Fifty Shades of Black answers that question with a resounding, mind-shattering "yes". I now know what resuscitation feels like, since as soon as the credits appeared - and Marlon Wayans' face disappeared from the screen - I felt oxygen return to my brain and hope return to my soul. I think that this film actively killed my interest in not only parodies, but just comedy in general. I don't know if I can laugh again. Marlon Wayans took joy away from me. I had to embark on a quest to a Tibetan monastery to cleanse my soul of this filth. I remember when movies were an escape from the pain of real life. Now, they have become the nightmare.

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