Fields of the Dead


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Krellamp 1 / 10

Ninety minutes of my life that I'll never be able to redeem again

Judging by the trailer I sort of thought that this would be worth watching. I was sadly mistaken. I'm still not sure why I did not turn it off after the first 30 minutes. I guess I was hoping it would improve. I'm sure I could have made a better movie with a bunch of drunk friends and an iPhone. This movie is really super lame. You'll be better entertained by watching paint dry. The acting was not a whole lot better. I award it as worst slasher movie of 2014 ! You'll be better off watching the 'Friday 13th' or 'Halloween'series. Those movies were made a long time ago and they are still classics. It seems that today's movie makers are running out of ideas.

Reviewed by The CyberHippie 5 / 10

Not so bad horror flick

While I stop short of calling this a 'good' movie, it's slightly better than so-so. I watch a lot of horror B movies, and a great many deserve a rating of 2.6 and around there, but that would be a bit harsh of a rating for this one in my opinion. The acting is decent, directing, writing, and composition are also respectable, so I tentatively give this one a 5. I've most certainly seen worse. If you enjoy possession type movies and run-of-the-mill slashers, you'll probably like this movie. I don't expect this one to win any Emmies, but it was alright as low budget horrors go. When I decided to review this movie I wasn't expecting to have to write a novel about it. While I am required to write at least ten lines or 1000 words, there really isn't anything left to tell. It's a low budget horror movie, not a deep thought provoking drama with symbolic undertones commenting on societal attitudes and an emotionally rich plot and musical score. Perhaps the folks at IMDb don't believe folks should bother reviewing movies that are fairly basic in content. If that's not the case perhaps they might consider revisiting the requirements for posting a review.

Reviewed by robert-cameron87 1 / 10

terrible from point go

Please please please for you own good, stay as far away from this movie as you possibly can, in fact walk away now do not think about this movie again, if you have any love for horror genre you will be horrifically disappointed with this movie. This is a poor excuse for a "horror" movie watching paint dry has to be more entertaining than this. The budget was obviously tiny the actor/actresses were bad but not because of poor skills it was just a terrible script!I really do truly enjoy horror movies but the idea that this "horror" movie falls into the horror category is a joke this is going on my list of never to be watched again ever i was watching something else on my tablet by the time the movie was about 40 minutes in it is that bad!

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