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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 4 / 10

Another low budget silly zombie/virus film on the lines of Cabin fever n Mutants.

The trailer was good. The movie started well with a man in a cabin waiting to kill a tied up zombie/infected person n cut the scene n we get to c a group of friends trekking in the woods. During the nite, one fella walks out of the tent to take a pee n we get to a c a creepy creature lurking in the dark. The first kill was decent but the movie turned bad after this. There is absolutely no tension or suspense. Most of the characters r shown to be medical students, especially one studying to become an epidemiologist but the kind of stupidity they show towards the infected victims is annoying. The source of the virus is never explained n the ending was meh. The director's earlier effort Tooth n Nail is much better than this lousy film.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 2 / 10

Unbearable Story, Awful Cast

"Feral" is a terrible movie with unbearable story and awful cast. It is amazing how a group of medical students can be so stupid, taking the most unreasonable attitudes while hiking in an unknown area in the wilderness. The non-likable lead lesbian character is a joke, performed by the ham actress Scout Taylor-Compton, who lisps and makes the weirdest grimaces. Olivia Luccardi also lisps and is hard to bear her voice. It is funny to see Scout Taylor-Compton saying that she is a doctor and saves lives; meanwhile she shoots the Talbot when he tries to explain what is happening. Further, as mentioned in a witty review by another user, "spends the entire time looking at him (Talbot), as if he killed her mother." Talbot says that there is a lethal virus that turned his family into living dead, they see the effect on their friends but they say that the guy is lying. The screenplay is a complete mess with lack of budget and character development. In the end, everybody is certainly rooting for the death of the last characters to end the flick. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 / 10

Stay away from this rubbish.

I have a few questions after watching this garbage they call movie. Such as: Who the hell makes these films? Why? How? Are they even humans? Surely the production cost outweighs the incoming revenue? The acting in this stinker is all over the place! The reason I rate this movie a one because zero in not an option.

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