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Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson
Viola Davis as Rose Maxson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sonjabermail 10 / 10

A universal message

Fences, the late August Wilson play adaptation, is a movie with universal messages about life, love, family, parenting and black identity. It shows the hardship of life in a common Africanamerican family set in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and the margins of society. It carries a universal message about a disappointed father, who wants to protect his teenage son of life disappointments. Haunted by his inner demons, Troy Maxon fails to show real love, instead we see his harsh personality towards his son and his wife. Too many disappointments in the past have led him to shut off his emotions towards his family but still remaining human and adopting his extramarital child. The movie depicts a society put on the social margins, fighting everyday issues and marital problems but giving us a ray of hope about complex family relations and a young generation respecting their parents. The masterful performance of Denzel Washington and Academy awarded Viola Davis brought this universal play to the screen, giving the viewers a real movie gem and a show calling for their emotional responses and a deeper introspective in their own personal relationships.

Reviewed by grantss 9 / 10

Wonderful, engaging story, with superb performances

Pittsburgh, mid-1950s. Troy Maxson is a sanitation worker, working a shift with his best friend Jim Bono. Troy has been happily married to Rose for 18 years and they have a teenage son, Cory. Regularly popping in and out of their lives is Gabe, Troy's brother who suffered brain damage while fighting the Japanese in WW2, and Lyons, Troy's 34-year old son from a previous relationship. Troy was a baseball star in the late-1930s, playing in the Negro League, and still bears a grudge for his not being able to play Major League Baseball. He projects this, and other experiences, onto everyone around him, particularly Cory, who has the potential to be a football star. More than just influencing Cory's career prospects (adversely, it appears), Troy has a larger-than- life impact on the lives of everyone around him.

Wonderful, engaging film, directed by Denzel Washington. A character-driven drama with great depth, and some incredibly profound and emotional moments. Plot takes on several themes but in the end you are left with a great sense of family and how parents shape the lives of their children.

Excellent performances all round. I can't think of a recent movie where I've seen so many outstanding performances in one film. Denzel Washington is great as Troy, dominating the screen and the dialogue. He's in just about every scene and probably ends up with more than 60% of the dialogue in the movie.

However, despite Denzel Washington's larger-than-life presence, he is pipped in the performance stakes by Viola Davis. While Troy's character is pretty direct and uncomplicated, Rose's is much more nuanced, complex and evolving, and Viola Davis is brilliant as her. A powerful yet subtle performance and good enough to get Davis the 2017 Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Supporting cast are great too. The standout for me was Mykelti Williamson as the mentally-challenged Gabe. A difficult role, and one that can easily be botched, but Williamson does it very well, with a sensitive, convincing performance.

Brilliant, and certainly better than Moonlight. It should have been a contest between Fences and La La Land for the 2017 Best Picture Oscar.

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 4 / 10

Stopped watching after 50 minutes! (no spoilers)

I honestly only watched this movie because it was on my Oscar 2017 highlights and it was the only movie I haven't watched from this list. Fences tells the story of the Maxson family and that's pretty much it.

This movie is one of the most boring movie experiences I've ever watched and by far I guess the worst movie of 2016. The only three redeemable things about this movie are Viola Davis' and Denzel Washington's performances and some life lessons that Troy tells his children. The story of this movie is just about their life and that's it. I understand that it tried to be realistic but unlike Moonlight where that story was told in an interesting way that catched my attention and made me interested in what happened next, in this movie there is nothing interesting happening or something that might catch my attention and make me wanna watch the rest of the movie. It also tried to have bad-ass dialogue and be a dialogue-driven movie like Pulp Fiction but that movie was memorable for it's interesting storyline that had multiple stories intertwine by the end and more importantly for it's dialogue which was catchy either with it's constant language abuse or weird circumstances. Here there is nothing catchy or interesting or entertaining at all. The rest of things are just average like the score which had only 2 cues in the whole 50 minutes i watched or the cinematography which was average as was probably necessary in the movie.

Boring movie with only 2 good performances and some life lessons, weak score, weak and uninteresting story that made me sleep after 26 minutes but on a rewatch the next day nothing improved and I decided to stop wasting my time with this movie at the 50 minutes mark. 4/10

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