Fathers & Daughters


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 19272


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Aaron Paul as Cameron
Diane Kruger as Elizabeth
Russell Crowe as Jake Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Amanda Taylor 6 / 10

Have your tissues handy

Fathers and Daughters is an entertaining film that at many times will have you reaching for the tissue box. The film mainly revolves around Katie a young woman who struggles to form any real relationships in her life. The film moves between her childhood to present day throughout the film. Some movie goers find this annoying, however I thought this added to the film and was done well. On the downside, there were times when some scenes didn't need to be there and this resulted in the film ending rather abruptly instead of exploring deeper issues which I feel viewers would have responded well too. Overall, a good watch but not a 'must see'.

Reviewed by dodgebluegirl 1 / 10

Totally sucked

Totally sucked throwing it in the trash regret buying it

Reviewed by huggibear 8 / 10

Superbly well done tear-jerker with an excellent cast! Totally and 8 Star Flick!

At first, I thought this was based on a Pulitzer Prize-Winning book. I was fooled. The book referred to in this movie is fictional only, but I would have given the writer of this book something highly unforgotten because this movie is prize-worthy alone. Never mind the potential as a book here. You wonder why a lot of movies don't come from books and novels rather than just screen- writers, but I really do hope Brad Desch got something for writing and producing this script. The acting was prize-worthy as well. Did this movie win anything? It should have. I would watch this over and over again! It is a gripping and emotionally-inspired work of art! Every part of this movie seems like it could have been based on a real story. We all need proper parental guidance and unfortunately some parents didn't get the proper guidance they need when they were in need of their parents. To all parents, including fathers and father figures....the youth need you to properly guide them NOW! Our future well-being is non-existent without your proper parental or guardian guidance. Top-notch drama film, well-deserved 8 Stars!

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