Fathers & Daughters


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Aaron Paul as Cameron
Diane Kruger as Elizabeth
Russell Crowe as Jake Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ipekmine 8 / 10

A beautiful tear-jerker

Fathers And Daughters: A movie that would have made me book the first flight home without waiting for holidays if I still lived overseas. I mean it. Yes, I'm a "daddy's girl", and I've been lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful movie with my father (well, my mum and brother were there too, but dad was a 'must' from what I'd heard about the film). As one can easily guess after seeing the trailer, it's a touching piece, and the cast does a great job in reflecting the story on screen. Gabriele Muccino delivers the plot with a non-cliché flow, he's very successful with the flashbacks, and one of the strongest aspects of F & D is the amazingly beautiful music, in my opinion. Particularly the Carpenter's cover by Michael Bolton, Close To You adds so much, not to mention that it squeezes your heart during a particular scene. Speaking of heart-squeezing, I think Russell Crowe has made a habit of making his audience cry, especially with The Water Diviner and now, with Fathers and Daughters. As expected, he does not just act, he 'becomes' Jake Davis, and forms multiple lumps in your throat with the character he portrays. As one of the best actors of our time, if not the very best, he's simply amazing. Also, the chemistry between R. Crowe and Kylie Anne Rogers is great, it's heart-warming and so 'real', if I may say so. Kylie Anne is the sweetest potato chip, that goes without saying, and I need to add that at some point I did hate Bruce Greenwood and Diane Kruger.. well, not them, but the characters they played, of course. Needless to say, Jane Fonda was one of the shining stars of F & D, and I think Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul were well-chosen for their respective roles, *thumbs up* to them both. Taken together, I loved the story, it was beautifully transformed into a tear-jerker on screen, and I sincerely hope this movie gets released in every country -because it's a sweet piece of art which reminds you of the most important and valuable things in life. PS: Keep tissues nearby when you're seeing F & D. Am not kidding.

Reviewed by Alan Benfield Jr (alanbenfieldjr) 4 / 10

Seizures and Tears

Okay I got it. Director Muccino must have found a profitable vein and he's exploiting it in a rather shameless fashion. The script, very much like in "Summertime" "The Pursuit Of Happiness" and "Seven Pounds" is an expositional tear jerker with characters who explain themselves with every line of dialogue. Russell Crowe has his first seizure within the first few minutes of the film and then he has others, I don't know how many but it felt like 400. So at the end we have a 2 hour movie out of a tiny idea swollen by an infinite series of cliches that includes, I'm not kidding, a musical, romantic montage when the young lovers first meet. The extraordinary Janet McTeer has one scene and the extraordinary Jane Fonda, one or two. So this must have been an expensive production and in fact Fathers and Daughters has everything , cast, looks, settings, everything except real thought and original ideas.

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Emotionally powerful & gripping. Crowe and Seyfired give the best performances of their career. I highly recommend it.

"That's what this book is really about, it's about me." Jake Davis (Crowe) is a famous author who as just lost his wife and now he is in a fight to keep his daughter Katie (Seyfried). While trying to write a book that hill become a best seller he is trying to pay off lawyers in order to keep his wife's sister from taking his girl. Katie, all grown up now, is struggling to maintain a normal relationship. One of the books her father wrote as an impact on both their lives. This is a fantastic movie, and also one of the most emotional films I have seen in a long time. It may be because I am a father myself but I really got emotionally invested in this and found myself holding back tears over and over. Crowe does a perfect job of trying to balance being a father with trying to do everything he can to save his girl. Seyfried gives maybe the best performance she has ever given and is very believable as someone who has lost her way and doesn't know how to be happy and "normal". This is a movie I could go on and on about but I will just say watch this and you will feel the same way I did. Overall, emotionally powerful and gripping. Crowe and Seyfired give the best performances of their career. I highly recommend this, but be ready to cry. I give this an A-.

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