Far from the Madding Crowd


Action / Drama / Romance

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Carey Mulligan as Bathsheba Everdene
Juno Temple as Fanny Robbin
Matthias Schoenaerts as Gabriel Oak
Michael Sheen as William Boldwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hopkinsjohns 3 / 10

Great Cinematography and Acting Matched with Atrocious Writing and Pacing

What an absolute waste of potential. The cinematography ... enchanting. The acting ... captivating. The writing ... incoherent and illogical. So much so that I couldn't help but wonder how this got through preliminary editing stages.

Unlike most complaints of illogicality, this has nothing to do with suspense of disbelief. It has more to do with the overwhelming question riding in my mind throughout this film. "Why"?

Bathseda goes from a strong and enforced independence to abject stupidity in moment. Really. After having rejected 2 men, within 10 minutes of the nearly 2 hours of this film, she falls for and marries a man she met in the middle of the night while walking back home, and who just so happens to be a selfish drunk. Why?

Perhaps you could just explain away her stupidity with love, but the film takes no time with it. Any emotion is thrust upon the viewer without even the simplest of justification. At best, weak explanations are added in afterwards to quell these questions (she married him was jealous and required a distraction; if you say so). Then within minutes the next man falls in love with her (all the men in this movie just fall in love and propose, there's no time for any justification behind this love that would actually make this movie interesting) and then shoots the husband who by the way was thought to have drowned. Who needs any sort of background behind any emotion when they can just throw love at the screen. Who needs any motivation? We have time constraints people.

Moreover, the primary character, Bathseda, is so utterly unlikable that at best you can feel abject apathy. She fires a man who she is indebted to after he dared point out her capriciousness (after, notably, she asked for his opinion). This is until she needs him the next day when her livestock fails. Perhaps some found this stubbornness and pride endearing. I didn't. By the end of the film, my only investment was hoping she did not get her happy ending after so callously and irresponsibly using the people around her.

The film only gets 3/10 stars because of the cinematography, which I can't stress enough, is so utterly amazing. Additionally, the acting was rather well done, with Carey Mulligan being a notable standout. It's a shame such cinematographic and acting skill was wasted on an atrocious plot.

Reviewed by johnwiltshireauthor 10 / 10

Can't Fault This Film

As a huge Hardy fan, I thought this adaption of one of his most popular (and accessible) novels was pretty much faultless. I've noticed a trend with movies over the last few years to roughen up the nineteenth century, to make the characters more naturalistic and it works exceptionally well here. The characters look entirely at home and realistic in their setting and the film is as much a tribute to a vanished, rural world as it is to love. More so, perhaps. Although the adaptation makes Gabriel and Bathsheba's relationship more romantic than it was in the novel (his iconically unromantic line "whenever I look up..." was left out), it is nevertheless not the main delight of this film for me. This movie wonderfully recreates rural life in Dorset, and created a surge of nostalgia about the vanished rhythms of farming life. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys nineteenth century novels, but also to any romantics out there because, of course, Gabriel and Bathsheba's story is heartrending and delightful at the same time.

Reviewed by Andres-Camara 3 / 10

It reminds me of others, but it does not reach them.

Watching this movie, I remember "What the wind took", the problem is that that same makes this worse. It is a feminist film, which at the same time goes against itself. For my taste casting is very bad. Neither is she the woman by all men would move heaven and earth, nor are they the men by which they would do it.

It is too long and at no time has you tied. It's a love story, the rest is the least and you do not get to touch the sentimental side. You're not expecting me to choose any.

The photograph also brings nothing. No help is a photograph without more.

The address, since it does not get to hook you up, nor to catch you is not good. He does not know how to take the movie. He does not even have the camera. Neither did the casting well

I try to be a love movie. I am trying

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