Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Kyle Gallner as Alex
Greg Bryk as The Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DanBarraclough04 7 / 10

Really not as bad as other reviews say.

Yes it wasn't amazing, but it was easy watching and entertaining. The characters mostly looked like they would in the game, and while the acting was far from Oscar worthy, it wasn't bad. Kudos to the makers of this, I feel it was quite low budget and it was decent and worth watching.

Reviewed by mostlyijusthateyou 1 / 10

As a Far Cry fan i'm disapointed, as a film fan, im devastated

1) wow way to cut budget by making half of it film vlog style 2) ok so the father is alright alright alright... almost 3) Faith seed... wtf? she's supposed to be pretty and ethereal, not haggard and old... and never give that girl lines again until shes taken an acting class or 50 4) acting... it's like... a thing 5) do people even have cell signal in montana? 6) the pulled punches... shoulda stuck to cgi lol

Reviewed by lukassarrett 9 / 10

Great set up for the game

After playing the game for 18 hours in 3 days i watched this "movie" enjoying how it set up the story for the game. It shows the father brain washes the people of hope Montana and ,how with his messed up family and followers, creates his militia. In the beginning scene of the games, the police come to farm with an arrest warrant for the father and this "movie" shows the sequence of events leading up to that. If your looking for a resolution to this story you will be disappointed. Your going to have to play the game for that but for what it is (a live action set up to the game) i would say its well worth watching.

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