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James Avery as Security Guard
Farrah Fawcett as Marjorie
Alfre Woodard as Patricia
Diana Scarwid as Terry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 6 / 10

I Want To Spit On Your Grave....but i'm too nice...

A sexual assault victim manages to escape from her attacker, but leaves her purse behind.

Worried that he may finish what he started, she contacts the police but they are unable to help.

Her worst fears are realised when, alone in the house, her attacker visits and attempts to assault her once more.

Circumstances allow her not only to resist the attack, but to turn the tables and lock him away.

And this is where the situation really begins to escalate. Does she release him and risk another attack, or does she go for the eye for an eye route....

Based on a stage play (and clearly shows) the film tries hard to get a message across, but I feel that a stage production would carry the message a little further.

Fawcett and Russo are great in their respective roles, but as soon as the secondary characters become involved, it turns almost farcical with it's narrative.

One starts drinking heavily and becomes the whiner of the pack, the other tries to play doctor, but only escalates the situation, and the element of the terrible dilemma that is placed on the three becomes almost laughable.

If it was just Fawcett and Russo in one setting, this could have been one of the most tense thrillers to be released in 1986, instead it feels more like a late night edition of one of your favourite soaps.

It's not a terrible film by any means, it's just that the third act takes any intensity away that the first two did...

Reviewed by callanvass 6 / 10

Powerful stuff!

(Credit to Rhino on IMDb) An intended rape victim manages to escape from her attacker but leaves her purse behind. Worried that he may visit her house and finish what he has started, she contacts the police but they are unable to help, saying that she has no proof. "If he calls, let us know and we'll send a man round!" A fat load of good that would be. Her worst fears are realised when, alone one day in the house, her attacker visits and attempts again to rape her. Circumstances allow her not only to resist the attack but to turn the tables and lock him away. And that is where her dilemma really starts. Does she release him and risk another attack? Does she go to the police and risk being called a liar? Or does she kill him - and become as low as him?

I'm not overly fond of rape movies. They make me very uncomfortable. If they are done right, I tend to appreciate them. How did Extremities fare? Pretty well for the most part. This has your typical 80's sleazy feel to it, but it's done adroitly. When James Russo first appears, it's very unsettling. He is so good at being despicable, it becomes very satisfying what happens to him. The fact that he plays a father makes him even more disgusting. This movie has good suspense in general. Farrah Fawcett is extremely sympathetic as our heroine. I thought she did a fantastic job. My only real complaint is that it falters a bit in the second half.

If you're looking for a powerful film, this will be right up your alley.


Reviewed by Isaac5855 8 / 10

An Intense Drama Featuring a Gritty Performance from its star...

EXTREMITIES is the disturbing, yet riveting screen version of a play by William Mastriosimone (who adapted his own play for the screen) about a woman who is attacked in her car one night by a would-be rapist on her way home and is terrified when she realizes the man got her purse and knows where she lives. After her roommates leave for work the next day, the guy shows up at her home and attempts to rape her. The story takes a surprising twist when, at one point, the woman turns the tables on the man and is able to overpower him; but when she realizes there is no way that attempted rape can be proved and if the man is arrested, he will just get off, she decides to keep him prisoner in the house until she can get a confession out of him. Far-fetched? Maybe. Disturbing? Definitely, but there's a wonderfully claustrophobic feel about this film, especially the middle with just the woman and her attacker, that you can't help but feel completely a part of what's going on. I did not see the play on Broadway, but I would imagine a piece like this works better onstage, but that doesn't make this film any less riveting an experience. Farrah Fawcett, one of the last actresses to do the role on Broadway, was awarded the role of Marjorie in the film version and delivers a taut and deeply moving performance as the victim who refuses to be a victim. Many critics found Fawcett's performance to be one-note, but for me, Marjorie is a woman completely numbed by what she has been through and the performance works for me. James Russo, in the performance of his career, is slimy and menacing as the would-be rapist who finds Marjorie to be much more of a challenge than he assumed. Alfre Woodard and Diana Scarwid co-star as Marjorie's roommates, who come home after Marjorie has overpowered the guy and has him tied up and stuffed in their fireplace upon their arrival. And it's the arrival of the roommates that take the story to an unexpected level because they didn't see what we saw Marjorie go through and therefore, think she should call the police and let them handle the guy. Not for the faint of heart, but if you can stand it, a gripping film experience anchored by a lead performance that will surprise you.

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