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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicole_llanos 9 / 10

Spoiler alert! big question!!

that beginning!!! great way to start! haven't seen one like that since 28 weeks later, so kudos!the acting was really good too, you really get in to the whole drama, you believe them and root for them. Now my question!!! How did Emma survive to get bit?? everyone else died in the sec and transformed! but Emma got bitten and them boom she was living with them like she is superwoman or something! and theeeen she died this time for real! can someone explain please!

Reviewed by Mikelikesnotlikes 5 / 10

Zombie Movie Having An Identity Crisis

Extinction feels like a movie that can't decide what it wants to be. Zombie flick or a PG drama about a single Dad bringing up a child. Maybe the writer handed over some scribbled notes and then disappeared.

The sets were all well done, with high level production values, but where's the damn story. NOTHING of any interest occurred for long sections at a time. Mostly centring around feeding the kid and listening to her whine. The first hour should have been compressed into 30 minutes.

The tension between the men was confusing. Stringing out the audience can be effective if information is fed in appropriate chunks. But we actually need the clues before the end of the film if we're to draw conclusions early enough to care. The 'cliffhanger' wasn't pivotal to the story.

On the plus side, I thought the Zombie was excellent. As a hybrid, evolving species it was a formidable hunter despite it's lack of sight. There are no explanations why it might be evolving in this way though. And something that bleeds before it has been injured will probably be weakened, not made stronger.

Extinction is a slow film. The only reason a person of my tastes would watch it is for the unique Zombie footage.

Reviewed by Brandon Stephens 10 / 10

Extinction (2015)

Extinction (2015)

The Zombie genre has pretty much in my opinion become "DEAD ON ITS FEET". Anyone with a camera is making low budget "Zombie" movies, it's truly killed this genre of horror for the most part. Then again, there have been some serious amazing Zombie films that have come out for us who have been itching for something truly original and lives up to its name. These films I am referring to are: "28 days later", "pontypool", "rammbock", "dead girl", "Maggie" & "outpost" to name a few...and now "Extinction" joins the ranks.

If you are expecting a full out gore feast of epic proportions and just nameless killing...then please stop reading now. If you are wanting to see something original, smart, thought provoking and scary then continue reading.

In all honesty, I almost missed out on this amazing gem of a film due to the clichéd opening sequence. Allow me to explain, the film opens up in the midst of a "Zombie Invasion" and survivors are being loaded on buses and securely escorted into the safe zones.

The opening sequence is quick, intense, and short lived. Thankfully, the writers and filmmakers were what they were doing when they fast forward us to years later... after the "Apocalypse". This is where the film really begins to shine. Horror movies, especially in THIS genre nowadays focus too much the shock value and gore aspect due to trying to "succumbing to Hollywood cinematic stereotypes" and lose what is REALLY important... The Human Element and the characters, so many films have so many gratuitous death scenes that the actors who portray them aren't even missed due to being nothing buy Cannon Fodder. Not here, here is the build up and this is where we meet our three main characters: Patrick (played by Matthew Fox of Party of Five and LOST fame) Jack (played by Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice) and Jack's daughter: Lu (played by Young Quinn McColgan known for her TV appearances such as Mildred Pierce & The Blacklist).

Our three survivors are now seen living alone in a "nuclear winter of snow" due to the events that happened years earlier. The once friends now live as neighbors and live off the land and try to survive not only the elements but each other. The acting in this film is really top notch. As the tension builds between friends, terrifying events begin to unfold which involves young Lu thus forcing both men to overcome their somewhat petty differences and join up to help the one thing that is important to them - Lu.

As the events continues to unfold they meet another female survivor played by Spanish actress, Clara Lago. This unlikely addition forms yet again another wedge between the two men, but that is soon rectified as they realize that the events surrounding Lu were only just the beginning of what would be the fight of their lives!!!

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