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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
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Keanu Reeves as Detective Galban
Ana de Armas as Isabel de La Cruz
Mira Sorvino as Janine Cullen
Christopher McDonald as Lieutenant Galway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sandpmason99 5 / 10

Watchable, convoluted, but watchable!

It seems most folk didn't like the film for its weirdness! I agree with most views actually, especially the stories that run supposedly parallel with each other. There are two central story lines that merge, Keanu's detective trying to find the truth about his partners murder, and a young girl who see's visions, is in love with a soldier out in Iraq and appears caring and happy! There is a few other story lines that don't really add to the film in my view, the gangster, the tramp, the affair with the deceased's wife and the visions! They are a distraction from what is essentially a tragic story of childhood abuse and repression. Take out these useless bits and the film is interesting but inconclusive. I liked it, it made me think about it afterwards and I didn't want my hour and 40 back!

Reviewed by omendata 1 / 10

Poor Keanu has truly lost it...

Apart from the fact Keanu looked bored out of his skull in this actual disaster (or is that he looks that way in all his films now?), he actually has moved into production as he produced it - oh dear!!!

All of the acting was wooden and laboured (no change for Keanu there then) and especially the eyebrow actress and i used the term loosely of Ana De Armas who has already proved many times that she quite simply couldn't act her way out of a paper bag but presumably as she is so attractive that is what counts as talent these days - how sad for the industry.

And what is it these days with the subtitles and putting half the movie in a foreign language ie Spanish??? It isn't arty, it doesn't add anything to the movie; in fact it actually detracts from the movie as not everyone is literate these days or can keep up with subtitles.

What I would like to know is why did they insert the red and white characters from Hunger Games lol as....presumably Angels; I say presumably because the whole story is complete unfathomable and the narrative is so disconnected its quite hard not to get bored and loose attention.

This is by far the worst film I have seen since the worst movie this year in which Keanu also played one of his weirdest roles , the utterly dire BAD BATCH - one of the worst film I have ever seen and an exercise in artsy fartsy pseudo intellectual clap trap that some people actually bought into going by their reviews! This film, whilst not as bad is just as inexplicable and tries too hard to be mysteriously artsy fartsy.

The original title was "Daughter Of God" i believe - no wonder they changed it!

Reviewed by katecnin 1 / 10

Do not aggravate yourself with this film.

This movie dragged and dragged. The beginning starts off with a 5 minute walk down the subway station. If your not the person who made the movie this is how you feel up until the absolute end. You feel like your watching 2 separate people's lives and your not getting what the connection is. Then they add these weird sci-fi type characters and to this day I don't understand the point of the albino guy and Japanese lady. So you have this woman who was raped by her father or stepfather and the writer of the movie has her seeing herself as a little girl but you don't know she's seeing herself you think it's a little girl in her class!! How stupid!! On top of that the woman becomes pregnant yet her husband is in Iraq fighting a war and she goes around telling people she's like the Virgin Mary and God planted the baby in her womb!! Huh??!!! So at the end of the movie you learn Keanu reeves partner Joey raped her in the subway the night she sees the albino ghost and she was the one who killed Joey. she stabbed him in the back and pushed him on the tracks. I don't know any grown woman who would get raped, wind up pregnant and not remember any of it to the point you tell people(your dead husbands family) the baby got in her womb supernaturally. This movie was so bad.

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