Exodus: Gods and Kings


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Christian Bale as Moses
Joel Edgerton as Ramses
Aaron Paul as Joshua

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony 3 / 10

Had promise but failed miserably.

First hour I was thinking this is a good retelling of a great story. Moses and Pharaoh were portrayed as men, both with faults but neither good or evil. I usually hate religious epics sooner as I feel I'm being preached to. But then around 75 minutes I saw the creation of the Israeli Defence Force, you can push history so far, but not by centuries. After fleeing Egypt they did hold a small area for awhile, but then fell under the domain of all the great competing powers in the area. When the superpowers exhausted themselves in war, Jerusalem was theirs. Until the Romans arrived, then the Muslims followed by the Crusaders. Israel is a powerful state now, but only due to the diaspora or more importantly those in the USA. Why ruin what is a great story by rewriting it and history.

Reviewed by cmcastl 6 / 10

Everything depended upon the casting of Moses

Ridley Scott has never made a bad looking film but he has seldom made an excellent one.

Several reasons, including:

* He seems incapable of discriminating between a bad script and a good script.

* He is dependent upon the casting.

But this was a film worth watching. It caught the majesty, simultaneously barbaric and spiritual, of its Biblical source.

The script was variable but had its moments.

But what let this film down was the total miscasting of Christian Bale who showed no depth in the role of Moses, at all. Charlton Heston was more nuanced in the Ten Commandments and Charlton Heston was not noted of being a nuancing actor!

But the film, for those of us interested in the Bible, was still worth watching for its production values, some powerfully mystic moments, such as the falling star precipitating the parting of the Red Sea, and the utterly gorgeous Maria Valverde as Moses' wife Zipporah.

Reviewed by rdoliva 1 / 10

Hipster Moses takes on metrosexual Pharaoh

What in tarnation was ol' Ridley Scott thinking?

Why turn a biblical story into a movie and then ditch the bible to just play with the characters in some sort of alternate universe? I'll leave that question to for Mr. Scott, as i have no idea whatsoever. Every main character in this film seems to be out of place and aware of it. While the special effects are impressive, the story makes no sense.

This head-scratcher of a movie is just terrible. Even the casting is a mystery. Why Christian Bale? What was Sigourney Weaver supposed to contribute via her talent with the scarce screen time given to her? Same goes for John Turturro. Talented actors not given enough time to shine.

If it turned out that this script was written on toilet paper, in 15 minutes while taking a dump at the mall i would understand what happened here.

Mr. Ridley Scott, you are far better than this. Remember that.

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