Evils of the Night


Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 5%
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Julie Newmar as Dr. Zarma
Tina Louise as Cora
John Carradine as Dr. Kozmar
Aldo Ray as Fred
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 6 / 10

Wacky soft core sex/aliens horror flick.

This wacky and exploitative sci-fi horror flick features John Carradine as an alien doctor who needs blood of horny teenagers,so he enlists for help two sleazy mechanics Aldo Ray and Neville Brand.There are also two sexy alien nurses and dumb/sexually active teenagers constantly hooking up including two porn starlets Amber Lynn and Crystal Breeze."Evils of the Night" has to be seen to be believed.The plot is weird and the acting of teens is diabolical.There is plenty of sex and nudity plus some nasty drill/axe violence during the last half of the movie.I can't say that I really liked Mardi Rustam's crazy film debut,but I certainly enjoyed Neville Brand and Aldo Ray performances.6 green laser rings out of 10.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A choice cheesy chunk of 80's low-budget sci-fi/horror exploitation schlock

Kozmar (the ubiquitous John Carradine looking very worn and wizened), Zarma (leggy eyeful Julie Newmar; Catwoman on "Batman") and Cora (a haggard Tina Louise; Ginger on "Gilligan's Island") are a trio of evil aliens who need the blood of young folks so they can make a youth serum and prolong their lives. The wicked extraterrestrials hire bumbling drunken lout mechanics Fred (an outrageously hammy Aldo Ray) and Kurt (an equally histrionic Neville Brand in his ignominious final film role) to abduct idiotic libidinous teenagers for their nefarious experiments. Clumsily directed by Mardi Rustam (who also co-wrote the mindless trashy script), with tacky (far from) special effects, a corny generic ooga-booga spooky score by Robert O. Ragland, plenty of leering gratuitous nudity, a plodding pace, incredibly moronic and unappealing young imperiled protagonists ("Chopping Mall" victims Tony O'Dell and Karrie Emerson meet similar grim fates here), plain, murky cinematography by Don Stern, sleazy soft-core sex scenes (popular porn stars Amber Lynn and Jerry Butler pop up in minor roles), a meandering narrative, laughably lousy dialogue ("Keep your hands off her, you scum!"), bouncy pop-rock songs occasionally blaring away on the soundtrack, hilariously horrible acting (the Faded Name Hall of Shame cast are obviously slumming for an easy paycheck), and a decent smattering of grisly gore (a juicy drill-through-the-stomach murder set piece rates as the definite splatter highlight), this severely stinky, yet often amusing and oddly entertaining sci-fi/horror exploitation swill qualifies as an absolute cruddy hoot.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) 8 / 10

"Here we are, tied like pigs, ready to roast!"

If this reviews' corresponding rating were based on technical prowess or filmmaking / story quality, it would naturally be low indeed. But it supplies a substantial amount of entertainment value. This is cheeseball crud at its finest. While on one hand this viewer did feel bad for the veteran actors involved (more to the point, it's sad that THIS was Neville Brands' final film), they help to make this fun. "Evils of the Night" is tacky, it's trashy, and it's downright silly.

The plot has a team of aliens - Dr. Kozmar (John Carradine), Dr. Zarma (Julie Newmar), and Cora (Tina Louise) among them - arriving on Earth. They manipulate two ceaselessly stupid and sleazy garage mechanics, Kurt (Mr. Brand), and Fred (Aldo Ray) into abducting as many of the local airhead oversexed college students as possible, to be used in biological experiments.

Since the victims here are so utterly pathetic (they sure don't do a very good job of trying to save their own worthless asses), one may end up rooting for the antagonists by default.

Add to this mix some painfully loud and peppy pop tunes, a respectable amount of female nudity, and the fumbling direction of Mohammed "Mardi" Rustam, and you get fromage writ large, a cheap genre item that's pretty hard to resist. Rustam had worked as a producer of 70s favourites such as "Psychic Killer" and Tobe Hoopers' "Eaten Alive", and this was his only feature length directing credit on a motion picture.

Newmar and Louise look quite good, as do many of their young co-stars. Carradine may have appeared in a lot of junk unworthy of his talents over the years, but the fact remains that even in stuff like this, he never seemed to phone it in; his performance is the most fun.

Buffs will note that two of the younger cast members, Karrie Emerson and Tony O'Dell, also worked together subsequently in "Chopping Mall".

Eight out of 10.

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